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Sunday 14 September 2014

How I spend my weekends: Sunsets and Dog Walks

Yesterday evening about 7ish, Chris and I took Harry for a walk as usual. It's a nice time of day to take him as it's nice and cool and recently I've been noticing the sun set at this time. Every time I've thought dammit why didn't I bring my camera so on this occasion I took it along and got these shots. I've been wanting to get some sunset photographs since we got here so I've finally got them just in time with two weeks left. It wasn't a completely clear evening but the pinky blue clouds looked rather beautiful I think. I'm getting a little better/confident at editing my photos now too- what do you think? 

I've got to admit this is one of the parts of Cyprus I will miss the most. It's right behind our house with beautiful views and we can walk to the beach this way. Harry loves having a good old sniff about but we daren't let him off the lead in case he gets bitten by a snake. I cannot wait to let him off the lead and run free when we get to the UK! This is also some of my favourite quality time with Chris; walking along and having chats about our days. It really is lovely.

How have you spent your weekend?

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