Sunday, 1 September 2019

The Daily Goal Setter* and how I Organise My Life

Its been a while since I’ve posted. Summer has been busy but now that its September, I’m ready to get my sh*t together and get organised again. I always feel like a new school year is also a fresh start for us working lot too and I’ve been putting into practice some goal setting and mindfulness through the Daily Goal Setter plus some other tips on tricks on how to get organised. 

photo of She's A Gentry using her Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

I was very kindly sent the Daily goal Setter from Mal Paper and on first impressions I thought it looked pretty damn gorgeous, especially teamed with my Kate Spade handbag. How sad am I? haha. But yes looks wise it is oh so pretty yet simplistic and the quality is definitely there, making it feel luxe and I was eager to use it. The first few pages give examples of how to list your to dos and weekly overview which is excellent for setting you up in the right frame of mind to tackle your chores and run those errands in a productive and effective way.

Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

So what makes this planner stand out from the rest? Well, it’s not just about being productive with this planner but also takes into consideration the need to be mindful. A lot of us can get carried away with ploughing through a to do list without stopping to think about hat we’ve appreciated or our affirmation for that day. Admittedly on some particularly bad days I found it somewhat difficult to decide what I was grateful for but it does make you stop and think and realise that a) it’s not all bad and b) you still have wonderful things to be thankful for in your life despite what other crap may be going on. I also love that at the end of the day it asks you to reflect on your day so it’s almost like a brief diary that you can look back and summarise.

Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

Another key part of the goal setter I’ve found incredibly useful and such an ingenious simple touch is the idea of prioritising your list. Anything on the A list is a definite requirement whereas B1. B 2 etc could be if I’m on a good run and C1. C2. I would class as the if I get chance/ if the mood strikes me type task. This has freed up my head so much to think right what I can realistically get done today, what must I get done today, what would I like to do but isn’t urgent. For an obsessively organised person like myself this little tool has been a life saver and helped me to really think about what is important.

Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

So how do I organise myself aside from a planner? Well as I say I love to be organised and ahead of myself so that future me is less stressed and worries less. They’re simple things, some more obvious than others but here’s what I’ve found works for me.

photo of She's A Gentry using her Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

Other Tips

- Sync notes for the food shop
Yup. Sod scrappy bits of paper and wondering who’s turn it is to go get the shop! If you have an iPhone and live with a partner, friend r whatever, add them to a notes list! It syncs with their phone so when you add something to the food list they get it too. This has revolutionized shopping in our house as when one of us uses the last of an item, we add it to the list and voila its bought rather than thinking “ooh must add that to scrappy paper list” and then forget. You always have your phone with you but a paper food shop list? Not so much. 

- Reminders reminders reminders. 
Again another iPhone feature but I’m sure android devices must have a similar function. I add reminders to go off on my phone all the time. No joke I have them go off everyday. From silly things to, get some chicken out the freezer to, doctors appointment tomorrow, I have it all on my reminders. Who wants to store their brain with things to remember when you can brain dump it onto your phone and forget about it? Use your memory for much more interesting things rather than oh god I forgot to buy cat litter again, sigh… 

- Batch meals
Not only are these cheap to mass make and freeze but I find them so handy to get organised. I can write out a weekly food menu and know that a couple of times that week (or hell even all week if I have enough batch meals frozen), I can not cook and save time. I also know that I don’t need to add hundreds of fresh ingredients to that weekly shop that I won’t end up using, thus saving money too. Plus a quick microwaved batch meal is so handy on evenings when you have plans and don’t have time to cook! Stews are a big yes, lasagne, anything pasta really and you know a hearty meal is sorted.

- Sunday night prep 
This is the biggest of all my organisation hacks which I do every single week without fail. First things first is lunch prep. I make chicken salad for the next three days…I’ve found three days yup! Some of you may be thinking eew gross but honestly how fresh do you think the pre-made ones are in the supermarkets. Three days is the maximum I’ve found with salad staying fresh and for me I then know I have lunch made up until Wednesday next week and I have an extra portion of time each night after work or before work in the mornings- hurrah! The next one is ironing. I know a lot of people iron as they go or in fact don’t iron at all but I have a uniform and if it’s not been ironed it look like a bag of d*ck. So I iron for the week and know that when I go to wear said uniform it’s ready to go, b ish bash bosh.

- Night before prep
 If you come to my house the night before work my kitchen will have my plate, cup and cutlery laid out ready for the next morning. I even have my lunch bag prepped with non fridge needed drink and snacks! Call me crazy but honestly I am not a morning person so anything to make the day start easier and I’m all for it. It takes just seconds for me to do the night before whereas on the morning when I’m slugglish and still waking up I’ve been known to put orange juice on my cereal and the kettle in the fridge…

So those are just some of my little tips and tricks. They won’t be for everyone but for me they work and honestly I find myself feel a lot less stressed because of it. I hate being unorganised and I love to plan and prep. My brain likes it.

photo of She's A Gentry using her Daily Goal Setter Planner from Mal Paper

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any hacks of your own I would LOVE to read them in the comments!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The Dorset Weekender- Where to go on a whistle stop tour

It's been a little while since I blogged of late and to be honest I get pretty busy over the summer with things like travelling to Dorset for an epic weekend.

She's A Gentry

I wasn't planning on blogging about this trip but it was such a blast and I snapped so many photos, it felt almost rude not to!

Brownsea Castle

We headed to Poole in Dorset last Friday afternoon and started the weekend with a Dorset Gin Cruise aboard then "Dorset Queen" with BH1 Gin as the main showcase gin of the evening.

The cruise itself was utterly gorgeous, getting to snap away in front of the Old Harry Rocks on the Isle of Purbeck.

Dorset Cruises Review

Dorset Cruises review

BH1 Gin review

So what was the gin like? Well the BH1 gin was gorgeous and my kinda gin, being very botanical. It actually contains 13 different botanical elements from juniper to pink grapefruit and even coriander!

As well as the BH1 gin there was a large array of other gins to choose from and cocktails too, with French 75s being a firm favourite on my list.

Dorset Cruises review

Dorset Cruises review

The cruise was just gorgeous, the atmosphere high with excitement and merriment from gin and the views simply breathtaking.

She's A Gentry

On Saturday we got a whistle stop tour of the area, starting with The Priory Hotel in Wareham for a spot of coffee and to soak up the sunshine.

The Priory Hotel, Wareham

This place reminded me so much  of the chateau Chris and I stayed in in France a few years back (this place) and to be honest with the weather being so glorious, we could've well been at a french chateau! 

I'd definitely love to stay here in the future as the hotel itself was just as gorgeous as the grounds and their afternoon teas look divine too.

Durlston Castle view

Next we headed up the Jurassic Coast to Durlston Country Park and up Durlston Castle for a spot of lunch. 

views from Durlston Castle

views from Durlston Castle

Again we had spectacular views of the coastline and could see the Old Harry Rocks from a different angle as well as Poole Bay. There are lots of amazing walks and trails to explore here but as it was a whistle stop tour, we didn't get to explore. Again this is somewhere I'd love to return to as the walks looked awesome.

Brownsea Castle

Our final stop was an island. Brownsea Island to be precise where we went to Brownsea Castle for a spot of tea and cake.

Brownsea Castle

views from Brownsea Castle

Brownsea Castle

The castle itself is stunning and has a mix of architectural style due to being renovated over the centuries and in the grounds you can see deer, chickens and even red squirrels roaming around. We saw a red squirrel during our visit which just made my day, having never seen one in real life before!

The views and even the architecture as well as the Italian garden made us feel as though we were abroad. 

Italian Garden at Brownsea Castle

Italian Garden at Brownsea Castle

We were very privileged to have the opportunity to go in the hotel itself as its not actually open to the public but the island itself is definitly worth a visit for the wildlife views and more.

After all the tour stops on Saturday we headed back to Poole Harbour to the awesome boat we'd been staying on and drank way into the small hours.

If you're looking for a quick trip to Dorset, i'd definitely recommend visiting all these places in a 48-72 hour period but of course if you have longer I'm sure you could see much more or even just embrace these places that I did a whistle stop tour of.

Have you been to Dorset? Where would you recommend?

Friday, 14 June 2019

Run Fest Run! *Ad- Gifted

Hello everyone, it's been a while but I can explain! I took a break from blogging and in that time I developed an addiction thats gotten rather out of hand... running! So much so I've signed up to the Manchester Marathon (more on that in a future post) and decided to take my shorts and trainers to the very first Run Fest Run Festival! (Tickets were kindly gifted from Run Fest Run)

photo of She's A Gentry at Run Fest Run

For those that know me well, I've been doing the festival circuit for a good 12 years now and have had my fair share of warm ciders whilst pitching a tent but this festival was something else...

Bowood House at Run Fest Run

Based in the beautiful grounds of Bowood House Estate in Wiltshire, Run Fest Run is a festival that brings the love of running together with camping, partying for all round good people. From pitching our tent to shopping the stalls, buying a pint and running, everyone was SO friendly and from early on during the Friday, I knew we were going to have a brilliant weekend.

Run Fest Run 2019

Run Fest Run 2019

Run Fest Run at Bowood House & Gardens

The weekend of running was divided into teams to add some fun competitiveness to the runs and the teams consisted of:

- Team Butterfly with captain Paula Radcliffe
- Team Bumblebee with captain Steve Cram
- Team Dragonfly with captain Colin Jackson
- Team Ladybird with captain Natasha Evans

Each runner received a t-shirt along with bug accessories for the weekend and every race run put points towards each teams total. It was great to see family clans within their chosen insect team and the kids were so enthusiastic! I was on Paula's team which I was super chuffed about as she's been a real inspiration through my running journey!

Team Butterfly Run Fest Run

As a newbie runner having only ran for 8 weeks prior to the festival, I must admit I was a tad nervous but I soon got to know that the running community is full of friendly and incredibly encouraging people that really spurred me on. The first race I entered was a 5k neon run which started at 10pm on the Friday night. I must admit it felt a bit weird to be watching the likes of Reef and Razorlight perform on stage whilst donning my running kit and without a drop of alcohol passing my lips but equally the music got me excited for the race ahead and what a first race that was!

Run Fest Run 2019

All armed with our head torches, a mass of runners descended on the start line, ready to take on the challenge of night running. I'd never run in the dark nor had I ever done a race but the atmosphere was brilliant and the lights from peoples head torches, shoes and other light up attire dancing across the terrain made the whole experience truly magical. I had no idea where I was going but I just followed the lights and listened to Chris (my better half) as he encouraged me to keep going up the hills- something I also didn't anticipate from running in the flat fens! Before I knew it we could hear cheering and clapping and we were crossing the finish line, ready for a hot shower and a hot chocolate too.

Run Fest Run 2019

As I've mentioned I've done a festival or two in my time so I was slightly dubious of what the shower situation would be like but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the facilities. There were plenty of showers to go round and there was always one free when I arrived, each steaming hot and welcoming after good run.

Saturday both Chris and I woke up feeling...refreshed! Again something I've never experienced at a festival in all my years of attending them. I'm usually greeted to a sore head and a dry mouth but instead we felt awake and excited for further races planned for the day.

Saturday was the main day for racing, with the half marathon starting at 08:45, followed by the 5k at 11:15. There was also a 2.5k, 10k a running club relay and a 3k road race to get involved with so there was a run for everyone. I opted for the 5k and Chris did that plus the 10k later on.

Natasha Evans at Run Fest Run

It was great to spur on those running before and after you as they ran through the beautiful Bowood Estate.

If you fancied a break between the runs but still wanted to exercise those limbs, there was wild swimming on the lake. It looked incredible and I envied those in their wet suits- something I'd definitely hire for next time! I did get to admire the beautiful view though which was just stunning.

Run Fest Run 2019

Run Fest Run 2019

So to get you ready for each run there was a warm up at the main stage from various runners which was brilliant and really got you excited to get out and go for it!

Run Fest Run 2019

I must admit I struggled a bit with the Saturday 5k race due to the heat and my lack of hill running before but again the running community came to my aid! A woman with her young son were running along and could see I was struggling and instantly gave me words of encouragement, telling me how fantastically I was doing. Chris was doing the same and perhaps it was hayfever, excitement or just general overwhelment  but my eyes may have leaked a little!

Run Fest Run 2019

Peppered around the course were amazing marshals spurring you on and even live bands singing you past. It all made for a brilliant atmosphere and crossing the finish line past the main stage gave you that little extra burst of energy you needed to finish.

She's A Gentry Run Fest Run

Run Fest Run 10k

I was super chuffed not only to be part of the races over the weekend but to also cheer on, whoop and support fellow runners. Whilst Chris ran his 10k (and totally smashed it considering he hasn't ran 10k for months), I cheered, clapped and encouraged as many runners as I could during the race and it's made me think that I'd like to volunteer as a marshal at my local Park Run. Just one of the many positive things I took away from the weekend!

For those who ran the half marathon or just wanted a bit of a treat for their muscles, sports masseuses' were on hand to relieve any tension and relax your tired muscles. It looked pretty heavenly to be fair!

Six Physio at Run Fest Run 2019

If you thought the running celebs weren't getting involved in the racing you'd be wrong! Chris Evans, Vassos and all the running coaches could be seen doing the half marathon, 10k 5k and even the relay racing which was great to see! Having listened to Chris Evans and Vassos on Virgin Radio talk about running, you can tell they are truly passionate about it so it was great to see them getting involved. I blame them for getting me into running in the first place! Although I should thank them rather than blame them- running is bloody brilliant and if it wasn't for them, this festival wouldn't have been born!

Chris Evans Run Fest Run 2019

In between all the running, warm ups and music there were some fantastic tents to go sit and get inspired or motivated in. From ultra marathon runners to vegan runners, motivational speakers to nutrition and healthy eating- there was something for everyone to listen to and for me my favourite  had to be listening to Fearne Cotton. Her talk was on being happy and learning to let go of trying to be perfect and instead learning to find joy in the everyday. I love how running helps her to clear her head and find balance and listening to her talk gave me even more enthusiasm and motivation not just in running but in everyday life.

Fearne Cotton Run Fest Run 2019

So after a hard days running, it was only right to settle down with some hearty food and a cheeky cocktail or two and listen to Ten Tonnes, The Coral, Faithless and Olly Murs perform. They were all bloody brilliant but I did go a little mad when Sister Bliss came on stage!

Sister Bliss Run Fest Run 2019

Everyone was having a brilliant time and for those that didn't fancy the music, Chris and Vassos even ensured the footie was put on a big screen over the other side of the festival; keeping the football fanatics very happy!

Run Fest Run 2019

Run Fest Run 2019

Run Fest Run 2019

Sunday marked the fun runs of the festival which I sadly missed out on due to travelling home but next time I will definitely make sure I can stay for those! They looked incredible for families with children and this was the final attempt to gain points for your team for the weekend! The Dragonfly runners won in the end and were rewarded with tickets to Car Fest South in August!

She's A Gentry Run Fest Run

I've said it before but I'll say it again- I've never been to a festival like it! Usually I'd come away from a festival feeling fragile and shattered but from Run Fest Run I felt even more excited for running, enthusiastic and generally buzzing with energy! You wouldn't have known it was a first time festival as it was executed perfectly and every thought had been considered- the main thing being the facilities. Showers, toilets and sinks weren't a problem whatsoever and for me that's a huge tick. But the thing I took away most from the weekend was the atmosphere and the comradery from the running community. Whether you're a newbie runner, fun runner or have a goal in mind, there is something for everyone and you're all welcome. My only complaint? Why isn't there another one in the diary! I miss it immensely even a fortnight on and can't wait to go next year.

*Ad Gifted- I was very kindly gifted two weekend tickets to Run Fest Run 2019. I was under no obligation to write a full blog post but I enjoyed it so much I really wanted to share  it with anyone who is interested in a) running and b) the next one!

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