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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Lunches in Larnaca and OOTD

How is everyone so far in September? I hope the weather is still nice in the UK? I'm due back at the end of the month, yippee! In the mean time Chris & I have been doing our last bits of exploring the island of Cyprus and today we took a trip to Larnaca.

Shorts- F&F Tesco
Top- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
Sandals- Vivienne Westwood
Bag- Vintage
Belt- Primark

Larnaca isn't like the side of the island I live- it's pretty and feels more Greek than Limassol. It's also not as touristy as places like Paphos which is quite refreshing. The beach front is beautiful with lots of little cafes around, largely coffee shops. Who wants to drink coffee in this heat!? Anyway we stopped at one for a drink and I got a lovely wild berry smoothie. It was seriously delish! If you walk a bit further down there's the marina which again is very pretty and had lots of lovely restaurants with picturesque views of the sea. We stopped at one for our lunch and both ordered the prawn salad which was seafood heaven and so filling! 

It's still super hot here so I opted for an easy pair of shorts and a bandeau top. I hate getting strap marks when sight seeing so a bandeau is a must and these shorts are so comfy and easy to wear! If truth be told I can't really be arsed with really put together outfits on scorching days like this- keep it simple.

Also thank you to my lovely hubby for the outfit pics! He hates doing it but I really appreciate it!

Have you visited Larnaca or Cyprus in general?

Check out my outfit video below!



  1. I love your shorts! It looks so hot there, it's been a nice sunny day here in the UK too :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you mrs :-D. They're soooo comfy and not bad for F&F! Glad to hear the weather back home has been nice. I can't wait to get back! xx

  2. I was gonna say the exact same thing - I loved your shorts, they're so cute! I've never been to Cyprus but it looks like such a beautiful place!

    Tania |

    1. Thank you Tania ^_^. It has some lovely areas like this but equally there's some grotty parts! It's nice to visit the pretty bits and explore though :-) xx


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