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Thursday 3 September 2020

Shopping Small & Indie Businesses I'm Supporting

This year I'm trying my hardest to shop and buy local and/or from independent shops rather than chains, especially as its been a tough year for many and I'd rather put my money into small businesses than large corporate chains. With that in mind, I thought I'd share some of the shops places I've recently purchased from. 


If you're local to the Brampton/ Huntingdon area you should definitely buy some cookies from Gob Snacked! When they say they're not your basic batch they mean it because honestly these cookies are insanely good. For £10 you can get a box of 8 cookies in a range of flavours which can be delivered locally or for collection. Naturally Chris and I couldn't choose what to have so we went for every flavour and doubled up on one. So we had: Double Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Oatmeal and Raisin, Lime Coconut and White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Ginger and Milk Chocolate and Orange.

I think my favourite is a toss up between Lime Coconut and White Chocolate or Triple Chocolate. I've also never come across a lime coconut and white chocolate cookie or a carrot cake one either and they're both amazing flavour combinations. As for the sizes of cookie they are huuuge so you get plenty of cookie for your £10!

OxMail Studios and J Welton Illustration

I've been looking for some new stationary for writing to my penpal and had thought the market was pretty limited until I looked on Etsy and found a hella load of designs! I got a selection from each, first starting with Ox Mail Studios. The shop owner Jade hand creates these writing sheets on her ipad and is looking to create more snail mail products in the future so watch this space. I love Jade's style and cannot wait to put pen on this gorgeous paper and write away to my hearts content. 

I then bought some mystery misprints from J Welton Illustration. Buying this pack prevented these designs from becoming paper waste as well as giving me a mystery gift of assorted paper designs as they were prototypes and misprints from the letter sets. I love them and I'm pleased to have rescued them being wasted or thrown away! Based in Cambridge, Jame's prints are lovely and definitely worth checking out to pimp out your pen pal kit!

Little Bee Factory

Little Bee Factory is one of my favourite small businesses to shop at. Partly because its owned by one of my best friends! Lucy creates the most gorgeous personalised gifts. From clothing to water bottles, gin glasses and canvas totes, Lucy can design so many things to your request and her attention to detail is second to none. I've bought various pieces from her but my most recent purchase was this tote bag which I adore!

Panda and The Prince

Another gorgeous Etsy seller to check out is Amanda from Panda and The Prince. Her shop is full of hand drawn cards with witty slogans and puns that can also be customised. I picked up this awesome card for my upcoming wedding anniversary and yes...the treatments are customised...poor Chris!

Treasure Your Gifts

Treasure your gifts is an Etsy store that prides itself on not being massed produced and has an array of lovely personalised pieces. Again for our upcoming anniversary, I picked up this monogrammed scarf for Chris. It's our 7 year anniversary and the traditional gift is wool so this seemed kind of perfect! 

Dandelion Dreams with Charlotte- Body Shop

As you've probably guessed if you've read my previous posts, I love Body Shop. I also love that I can contribute to Charlotte's small business by buying my products through her and can get exclusive discounts and prizes through her group too! I've discovered some lovely products through Charlotte and can also have products delivered straight to my door. 

So those are just a few of the businesses I've been buying from of late and I'm chuffed to have purchased from people passionate about what they do, make and create rather than buying from a chain.

Where have you bought from that's independent of late?

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