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Friday 26 February 2016

The Perfect Bag

It feels like forever since I’ve done an outfit post and that phrase is also getting rather repetitive!!
You may or may not have seen my winter favourites but within that I featured my new favourite bag from Cath Kidston. It’s so versatile and brilliant for all occasions I had to share with you how I use it and style it.

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

On adventures
I’ve recently started going on walking holidays… Can you tell I’m getting older? And me being me I have to try and style up those rambling trousers, fugly walking boots and the waterproof! This bag becomes so practical with the strap changing from an over the shoulder to a backpack. It’s really comfy and can fit plenty in it too, whilst being pretty and pretty waterproof with CK’s classic matt coated cotton.

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

 Bag - Cath Kidston
Trousers - Regatta
Jacket - Regatte
Hat - eBay
Walking boots - Merrell
Dog - Model's own

I love wearing it as a backpack on trips as I have my hands free to snap away with my camera or run around with Harry the hound. The bottom compartment is great for housing dog treats, lunch and even shoes!

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

Laydey Katabella

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

How I style a Cath Kidston bag

Leggings - Tesco
Hat - eBay
Boots - New Look
Jumper - Primark
Scarf - Primark Men's
Ring - Shop Dixi
Necklace - H&M
Bracelet - H&M

Out and About
This is how I typically go about using the bag, (no not just for posing) and love to sling it casually over my shoulder. The handle at the top is also super handy to grab and go and the colours of the bag compliment so many outfits too. I can easily transition through all months. Can this bag do no wrong?

Cath Kidston Matt Oilcloth Double Decker Backpack Bloomsbury Bouquet Floral Black

On a day to day basis it’s great for storing bags for life in the bottom or being the keen crafter I am – my knitting! It truly is a brilliant bag and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. It’s by far my favourite Cath Kidston Bag I own and my go to handbag.

Is your handbag this cool?

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Chatty Get Ready with Me: Spring Make-up look

Hello hello hello!

Are you getting sick of the winter blues? I know I am and to pep myself up I've broken out and decided to start wearing a slightly more spring lip. Out with the reds and the nudes and in with the pink! Does that sound a bit wrong? Maybe... Moving swiftly on, I decided to do a chatty get ready with me so we can all have a gossip and talk all the girly things. I hope you enjoy!

Friday's post is an outfit post squee! It's been SO LONG!!

See you then peeps.

Friday 19 February 2016

Boston Tea Party

If you've watched my most recent vlog, you'll know Chris took a trip to the West Country and began our adventures in the beautiful city of Bath.

Our friends have recently moved there (lucky buggers) and took us to their new favourite brunching venue - Boston Tea Party.

Located in the heart of Bath, this modern eatery was alive the hustle and bustle of happy chitter chatter from families and friends meeting up for a spot of brunch. Peaking under tables or sat at their master's side were four legged friends like this guy. Isn't he lovely!? 

The fellow diners loved him and the other hounds, coming up to say hello and stroking them on the way to their tables. Meg the pug particularly enjoyed the attention and made several new friends.

The main eating area was a beautifully lit garden room with large windows letting in bright sunlight that almost made you forget it was a chilly winters day outside. The d├ęcor was an eclectic mix of fabulous plants, rustic dressers and tins to hold cutlery mixed with brightly coloured chalkboards.

Feeling particularly peckish from our walk into town we were all ready to chow down on grub, but the possibilities of what to have were endless! Eggs came in whatever shape or form you desired and for our vegetarian friend there was also a great selection. It was inevitable we'd all go for eggs and my were they scrumptious and cooked to perfection. It was an eggcellent choice... Yeah I went there! They certainly weren’t shy on salmon either which pleased me immensely. All of the food served is ethically sourced and free range, which made me even happier to be eating here.

All the ingredients are locally sourced in the area, making it a hearty west country breakfast that was prepared beautifully.

 Our brunch was the perfect size, leaving us all wonderfully full but not over stuffed – not something you’d want for the hills in Bath!

I’ll definitely be returning here on our next visiting to Bath but I’ll be sampling the lunch menu as that looked just as epic as breakfast.

If you’re looking to go to BTP yourself, you’ll be pleased to know they have other venues in the West Country too like Bristol and Exeter, Salisbury, Plymouth and more! If you do venture to these let me know what you think!

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Bristol and Bath Vlog

Afternoon all. How is the start of your week panning out? All good I hope!

Todays vlog is a little trip Chris and I took to the West Country. It's not my best vlog I must admit as I didn't flm as much as I'd like but you get a snippet of my weekend nonetheless.

Fridays post is a foodie one so stay tuned for that!

See you then,

Thursday 11 February 2016

Give your Valentine's beverage some Boomf!

Boomf marshmallows

For my final Valentine's post, I bring you Boomf, the hub of personalised marshmallows that make perfect Valentine's sweet treats!

Boomf marshmallows

Chris and I were actually gifted these from my sister but thought they'd make a thoughtful and personalised treat for any loved one with a sweet tooth this Valentines

The marshmallows themselves not only look awesome, they taste great too and are a generous size. We think they accompany a hot chocolate perfectly but would also look great as cake toppers, on cupcakes or tucked into a bouquet for V day.

Boomf marshmallows

So if you're loving the magical mallows as a Valentines gift, HURRY! Today is the last day to order for Valentine's Day.

Will you boomf your better half's beverage this year?

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Get Him GANT

Still struggling with what to get your guy for Valentine's Day? Get him GANT fragrance and you'll be onto a winner!

I surprised Chris today with an early Valentine's gift and the look on his face says it all, (that and he felt a bit awkward posing as my perfume bitch for this post!)

Now I know aftershave is a bit predictable gift but it's also a fail safe; being a treat and something that men don't tend to buy themselves. This scent is certainly a treat for the nostrils too with its woody notes and freshness inspired by the sea.

The man behind the fragrance is Pierre Wulff who he really knows his stuff, being the go-to perfumer for brands such as Victoria's Secret to & Other stories. This nautical inspired scent not only gives the woodsy aroma of boats, it looks the part with its deep blue sea bottle and wicker design. 

This sophisticated and masculine scent makes the perfect Valentines gift for your significant other that'll leave him smelling lush.

I hope this last minute Valentines gift idea has helped anyone still in a flap to get something and stay tuned for Thursday's post which will be my final and super last-minute gift idea so keep your eyes peeled. It involves food - I'll tell you that much!

Friday 5 February 2016

Valentines Gift Guide for Guys

With Valentines just over a week away, you may still be pondering over what to get your guy. They can be so difficult to buy for! Chocolates and flowers won't really make them go weak at the knees but the following things I think they would be pleased to receive...

Blue Beards Revenge Review

The Blue Beards Revenge have a great range of grooming products that will work for any guy. From the bearded beasts to the clean shaven male, there's a product to suit all and best bit? They stock beer!

Blue Beards Revenge Review

Winners of the FHM grooming awards 2014, The Bluebeards Revenge really know their stuff. When Chris was a clean cut fella he really enjoyed their cut throat razors to get that super silky baby face, but now with a beard, he's rather partial to beard oils.

Blue Beards Revenge Review

The "Cuban blend" beard oil will banish any unruly hairs and leave a manageable and manly beard that's soft to the touch. The smell is so nice too and makes a beard smell bootiful!

Now if your bloke isn't the bearded type, he must be into his hair right? Another brilliant product is the Matt Clay. Light but affective, it'll keep locks in place all day long whilst smelling splendid and manly.

Blue Beards Revenge Review

Onto the best product of all that I guarantee your guy will love you for and that's the beer...

Blue Beards Revenge Review

Back in September Bluebeard's Revenge brought out their very own pale ale which has been dubbed "the Ultimate Pale Ale for Real Men" and has an uncompromising and proud flavour. Brewed in Devon, this beer is one to watch. I think this makes the perfect accompaniment to their grooming gifts. I mean what man won't thank you for buying him beer?

Blue Beards Revenge Review

Blue Beards Revenge Review

All of these products are something I'm sure your man will thank you for, being practical and thoughtful all the same. Check out their gift sets for more ideas and perfect Valentines presents.

Blue Beards Revenge Review

I hope this helps any of you stuck in a present rut for men on Valentines or any other occasion. I know what it can be like!

Thinking of doing a gift guide for girls next so send your men this way for some advice.

See you soon,

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Valentines Craft: Reasons why I Love You jar

Is it really February already? Good lord! And here I am being super organised and bringing you a craft tutorial on a simple but splendid Valentines gift. Guys if you're out there, this is guaranteed to get you man points, just saying!

Today I'll be showing you how to make this super quick and mega easy "Reasons why I love you" jar. I couldn't think of a better title so feel free to invent your own. I guarantee this'll make your valentine's heart melt, unless you put creepy things like - I love watching you sleep from the tree in your garden. Not cool! Anyway lets get on with the making shall we?

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper (I went for red and white as a Valentines theme)
  • A jar
  • A heart stencil
  • Guillotine (optional)

Step 1

Start by cutting your card into strips. You can alternatively cut them if you don't have a guillotine to hand but these will be what you write your sweet nothings on!

Step 2

Write your loving words of wonder onto your strips of paper. I wrote a mixture of memories, in-jokes and things I love about my valentine. Aww...

Step 3

Fold your pieces of paper up and pop them into your jar. Note: You'll need more pieces of paper than you think so don't fold them up too hard or you'll be writing a novel to your loved one to fill that jar!!

Now you could leave it here but in true crafty fashion, it's only right that we add some pretty things. This jar is crying out for a ribbon and tag!

Step 4

Next you want to cut out your heart stencil (I found this image on google) and then use this to trace onto your card before cutting it out.

Ensure your heart shape is large enough to write on and make a hole to thread your ribbon through.

Step 5

Thread your heart shaped gift tag onto your ribbon before tying off in a bow around the neck of the jar, And you're done!

I told you it was easy. I hope I wasn't teaching you to suck eggs too much!! I just think it makes a great valentines gift, being a heart felt personal present that's also super thrifty and fun to make.

I also did a super quick video so check that out too:

Are you making any Valentines gifts this year? I'd love to know so link me to what you're making in the comments.

See you Friiiiday for another Valentines inspired post. 

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