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Monday 1 March 2021

Tips To Find Clothes That You’ll Love To Wear

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since I last blogged but I thought I'd come back today and discuss one of my favourites- clothes!

Not everyone is a fashionista and so when it comes to shopping, you might not be particularly fond of trawling the shops and looking for new clothes. At the same time, if you do enjoy fashion, it might be something you love but never seem to find the right pieces that you truly love!

There’s so much out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, with these tips, you’ll be able to find clothes that you’ll love to wear, regardless of how few or how much you have in your wardrobe.

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Consider Your Current Wardrobe

The first thing you’ll want to do before you go out shopping for new pieces is to look at your existing wardrobe. What you’ve bought previously is likely to have been purchased for a reason. Perhaps you liked the type of material that was used or the design. It could be the way it fits your size and shape or it could be that you could pair it with multiple pieces and therefore it was versatile.

Doing this is going to help give you an understanding of what you personally look for when shopping and that way, you can start to generate a list or vision board of what clothes you need to purchases next. There are going to be items of clothing in your wardrobe that you might have regret buying and that’s fine because this time around you’ll know that you’re not going to make the same mistakes. Think about what your wardrobe needs and what it’s been lacking in previous clothing options that you have available to you.

Think About Your Shape

Shape is something that is to be considered when buying clothes because not every style or fit is going to suit your shape. Unfortunately, a lot of brands are still failing to provide the same fit and styles for all shapes and most importantly, sizes. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited on clothing in any way. Think about your shape and what that shape is when it comes to the options that are suggested online. From pear shape to an hourglass, triangle to square, you are likely to fall into one of those categories or a mixture of two.

By knowing your shape, it’s going to make it easier when it comes to finding the right pieces to complement your shape, rather than covering it up or making it look odd. Your body is something that should be shown off and celebrated in the best way and there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in something.

If you’re struggling to figure out your size, you could always approach a personal shopper or style expert to give you some guidance on what you should be looking for.

Find Your Favourites When It Comes To Brands

With the online world being what it is, it’s opened the doors up to so many more online retailers and brands to sell clothing. As customers, this is both beneficial because there’s likely going to be a lot more affordable and cheaper options but also difficult because there’s so much to choose from. Not only that but a lot of brands are different in the styles of clothing that they sell and their sizing options can be different from one another.

With that being said, it’s important to try and find your favorites when it comes to brands. Where are most of your clothes from in your wardrobe currently? That should give you an indication of where to start shopping and what similar brands are available when it comes to those you tend to shop most with.

Picking out your favourite brands is certainly going to make the shopping experience a lot more enjoyable for those who perhaps don’t like to shop as often and want to limit it where possible.

Be Experimental When Shopping

One of the things that many of us don’t like changes and that change in any form can be daunting, anxiety-ridden, and un-nerving. When you’re shopping for new clothes, it can be hard to veer off from what you’re used to. However, it is essential that you try and push the boundaries of what you’d usually buy and what you might tend to avoid when browsing the clothing rails.

When entering a shop or browsing online, stop yourself from using filters to narrow your search and start looking at clothing that you wouldn’t normally pick up or purchase. Our style can usually change as we get older and it becomes more refined and polished from experience.

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Try being more experimental with your shopping and if there’s something that you’re mulling over, pick it up or put it in your basket. You can always return it if you’re not sure and when trying it on in the dressing room, it might sway your initial opinion of the clothing as opposed to when it was on the rail.

There are so many trends and styles, that you’re limiting yourself by not experimenting every now and then with something new!

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories definitely complete an outfit and when you’re shopping for clothing, it can be easy to forget things like sunglasses or glasses in a classic style to a chunky belt and a staple bag. There are so many different accessories to choose from and the accessories themselves can transform a look from casual to glam in seconds. It’s something that not everyone thinks about but you want as many accessories as you do when it comes to clothing.

Think about what you currently have and what accessories you enjoy wearing. For example, not everyone enjoys wearing necklaces but they may love wearing bracelets or rings. You don’t have to be dripping in accessories but it can be good to have one or two to help finish off the outfit you’re wearing.

Be Critical When In The Dressing Room

Trying things on can be an important part of the buying process when you’re shopping in-store. It’s something that can make or break your decision on buying an item of clothing, which is why it’s worth taking in a variety. When you try on a piece of clothing, try to be as critical as possible for each garment you put on. Take a good, long look at how it fits and looks on your body and spend a few minutes with it on, instead of just rushing it on and off.

Yes, you can return clothing but it’s better to make the right decision the first time around so mull things over in the dressing room until you know it’s the right one for you.

Remember That Comfort Is Key

Comfort is an important part of finding the right clothing for your style and tastes. Even though you might want to look stylish, feeling comfortable is what brings you the confidence in your outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable, then it’s likely to come across when you wear the outfit or particular item of clothing or accessory. Remember that comfort should always come first and if you don’t feel like yourself in it, then put it down and look for something that will.

Finding clothing that you love to wear is important and it’s something that you certainly want to get right when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe. Follow these tips to make the right decisions and to find clothes that you’ll love to put on every day, regardless of what you choose.

I hope this post has helped inspire you. What are your tips to find clothes that you'll love to wear?

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