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Wednesday 10 March 2021

Fancy A City Break Soon? Here’s How To Prepare


2020 was a strange year for all of us. The pandemic situation stopped the majority of us from doing what we wanted to do. The plans we had needed to be put on hold as the world basically stopped in the vast majority of areas. Vacations and fun were put to a grinding halt due to the safety concerns – and rightly so in many ways.

With that said, it looks as though the world might just be getting back to normal sooner rather than later- yay!!! And, with that, it’s time to make up for lost time. Sure, we all have to work, but when we can, we should head out on vacation and enjoy ourselves whenever we can and make up for lost time.

So, might I suggest a city break? There's something about popping on clothes you’ll love to wear
and getting around the hustle and bustle of the populous areas. Of course, you’ll still need to be cautious of your surroundings, but it’s something everyone should experience. If this sounds interesting to you, then here are a few ways you can prepare for the occasion:

Make Sure You’re Looking The Part

How you look doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme, but surely you’re going to want to look and feel your best when you're on your break. The likelihood is that you’re going to be taking a tonne of photos of your adventures, so make sure you’re ready and looking good! One of my favourite parts of getting away is planning my outfits. Grab everything you need in some Italian Leather Totes, throw your sunglasses on, grab a hat and a killer dress for a meal out one evening and enjoy strutting around one of the most famous areas of the planet. If getting away isn't an excuse to get dressed up, I don't know when is!

Find The Loveliest Possible Place To Stay

It’s not just about what you experience when you roam around, how you chill out when the day is finished matters a lot, too. There’s nothing wrong with finding a small budget hotel, but if you can afford better, then you should take full advantage of it! I've stayed in cheap and cheerful but there's nothing quite like a beautiful room to relax in after a long day of sight seeing.

Have A Plan And Itinerary

There’s a lot to do – especially if you’ve been wanting this kind of break/trip for a while! There are plenty of itinerary ideas to mull over, so it’s worth sitting down (with friends if you’re bringing some) and talking out what you’re going to be taking part in. When you have certain activities at certain times, it makes the whole thing a lot easier to organize. It also means you won't miss out on things you want to see either and if there's a few places of interest in the same area, you can hit them all in one go rather than travelling across the city unnecessarily and wasting precious holiday time!

Bring The Best Company

We touched on it just now, but bringing the right people (if you aren’t going alone) is essential. While the trip and the experience is important, it can be ruined by the people you bring along. It sounds quite harsh, but it’s true. Bring people who you feel will take to the trip and not bring you down through the weekend, week, or fortnight you’re away. Chris and I love going away with our best friends Emma and Gareth. We're all like minded, easy going and the company always enhances a trip.

Don’t Let The Furore Of The City Overawe You!

Some people take to the city like a duck to water. They love the hustle and the fact that it’s so fast-paced. Places like London, New York, Dubai, and plenty of other big-name places can get too much for some. Do what you can to make the enter experience a lot more fun and positive. Don’t put it on a pedestal – you’ll be totally good to go when you arrive!

So those are just a few ideas on how you can prepare for your next trip! Are you planning any for when lock down is eased?

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