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Thursday 4 March 2021

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Planning the perfect proposal is something many people strive to get right and something Chris and I get asked a lot about also! For most, proposing to the person you love is the one thing you want to make sure is perfect as people (generally) only plan on doing it the once!

So I've picked Chris' brains on this subject as he's the one that proposed out of the two of us and according to him, the trick to getting the perfect proposal is to really think it through beforehand. You know the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and as such, you should let them take the lead when it comes to your planning. We don't mean literally, but consider who they are and what they like and incorporate it into your proposal. 


Location is something to consider when it comes to making the perfect proposal. And this in itself is different for every person. For some, big showy displays in an area packed with people who can witness the proposal itself are all part of what will make the ideal proposal. But for others, this will be their worst nightmare. For us, Chris chose an intimate restaurant. It was just the right amount of display for tables nearby to congratulate us but also we had the privacy we wanted too!

Take the time to find out the right location for your partner to make sure it goes without a hitch. Be it at home, with just the two of you, at a restaurant with a few people present or in a truly romantic place such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Ring

The ring itself is another component of the proposal. Something to bare in mind is bigger, better, more expensive isn't always the way to go. The ring should represent a token of your love and what's important to the two of you. Therefore, it should be something that caters to the tastes of your loved one, from choosing a Whiteflash diamond ring and staying traditional or opt for something slightly different, choosing different gemstones over the diamond such as an emerald or sapphire. It's also lovely to have a story behind a ring. A family heirloom or a handmade ring- these will add to treasured memories.


Planning the perfect proposal is something you need help with. Look to your closest confidants and ask for their help in putting together this surprise. You don't want your sneaky antics to give the game away, nor do you want to spill the beans.

Look how young we were!

Make sure you have the diary clear so nothing else can disrupt your plans and if need be, ask others to occupy your fiance to be so you can prepare for the proposal itself without any interruptions. Chris actually proposed on our one year anniversary so we were planning to go out for a celebratory meal. Little did I know he would propose at said meal so that was a very successful logistical plan!

Make Memories

You'll both want to remember this time! As Chris can vouch, it can be stressful making a marriage proposal. In fact poor Chris was fretting about it the entire week leading up to it! After all, it is a life-changing event getting married, and you want to remember exactly how it happened. It can be worth considering hiring a photographer or involving family and friends to take pictures that you can treasure for years to come to give you something to look back on, depending on the route of how you propose.


This should be a happy occasion, and if you are confident you are both on the same page, you need to try not to let the stress overtake the enjoyment and romance out of the event. As much as possible, try to relax and enjoy it! It will most definitely help things run a little bit more smoothly and be more enjoyable for both of you. I remember being absolutely gobsmacked but as soon as the shock calmed down I was truly over the moon and it's one of my fondest memories which led to me marrying my best friend!

If you've already proposed/ been proposed to, do you have any tips for those planing to do so? 

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