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Monday 8 March 2021

My All Time Perfect Palette | No7

I don't tend to write beauty posts all that much but when I do it's because that particular product is worth a mention and in this case it's the No7 Maple Glow Palette

As you can see, I like it so much that I'm now on my second palette! I believe it's meant to be an autumnal palette with the name maple but with my skin tone I've found it to be the perfect combination of colours for all year round!

The palette contains eyeshadows, a blusher, highlighter, contour and bronzer; making it perfect for travelling and having everything you need to make up your face. My favourite eyeshadow colours are the bronze shade as it really emphasises blue eyes and the warm toned neutral I use as wash over the eyelids. The reddy/bronze colour is great to amp up a day look into the evening or if you're going for real autumnal vampey vibes and the maroon/purpley shade I use as an eyeliner!

The eye shadows have a great colour pay off and a great longevity too. I can apply in the morning and it will stay put all day. Admittedly there is some fall out when applying but this is very minimal!

As you can see from the well used and well loved palette, the blusher was a huge hit with me too. Being a beautifully peachy pink with a dusting of gold shimmer, it works to highlight and brighten the cheeks. In the summer the subtle highlight in the blusher really aids in accentuating a tan, whereas in winter it adds a healthy glow up to my skin.

The contour is a beautiful matte which is perfect for defining cheekbones and in my case around my forehead to make it appear a bit smaller! (5 finger forehead here!) It's also not an orange tone so you aren't left looking a tanned mess either which is ideal when you're pale in winter! If however you do want some shimmery bronzed sparkle, the bronzer is perfect for this. I like to use it as an eyeshadow or to dust over my shoulder blades of an evening time in the summer. It's pretty shimmer is subtle too, so you won't over dazzle people when you walk into a room!

As I've already said this palette literally has everything you need and in my opinion the perfect palette! Throw in a mascara, foundation (No7 beautifully matte to be precise) and a concealer and you have an entire face ready to go! It's also a fantastic size for travelling and the large mirror is also ideal for on the go. 

What is your favourite makeup palette?

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