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Tuesday 12 March 2013

What's your chat blogger? TAG

So I was tagged by the lovely Eimear from to do this, hope y'all find it interesting! I'm still ill and in bed which is poo :-(.


Whats your name?
Katherine although most people call me Kat. The only time I really get called Katherine is if I'm in trouble or by my mummy!

How old are you and when's your Birthday?
I'm 24, my birthday is 21st December. I'm a Christmas baby! 25 this year eek!

Where do you come from?
I'm an Essex girl originally, both my parents are from there but we moved to Cambridgeshire when I was 8 so I've lost the accent.

What's your current occupation?
I'm a student orthodontic dental technician, so I make appliances to move people's teeth ^_^. I finish my degree this year whoop!

What are your plans for the future?
To qualify and finish uni, then move in with my boyfriend. I've never lived with a boy before, exciting stuff :-).


What category does your blog fall into?
Mainly fashion, a sprinkling of beauty and a bit on crafts too!

What's the aim of your blog?
Erm... To get my views and ideas across whilst hopefully interesting others.

What's the reason behind your URL/blog name?
I've had this user name for years. A friend of mine called me it once, we were about 12 at the time and yeah it kinda just stuck from there onwards?

Three great blogs to check out, go go go!

Leanne Woodfull-

Chelsea King-

Lily Melrose-


What inspires you the most?
 Positive happy people doing something they love and being proud of it too. It makes me want to better myself.

One quote or motto that you live by?
 You can't polish a turd! Haha. So true!

Favourite icon, dead or alive?
Lisa Eldridge! I know if may sound odd and perhaps she's not an icon to most people but she's a world renowned makeup artist who's worked with many many a-list celebrities and is so talented. I find her very inspiring :-).


So you're an animal, what are you?

A cat (although in real life I'm actually allergic), I love having my hair stroked so I'm sure I'd like to be petted all day and pad around as and when I feel like it.

You can eat one thing for the rest of your life?
 Thai sweet chilli sensation crisps. They are so addictive :-|

*Click* and you're anywhere in the world, where are you?
 I'm on the island of Maui, being a beach bum and learning to surf!

Insert a random picture?

This makes me chuckle! Isn't he cute!?

Pick 3 people to do this TAG?




Hope you liked this guys!


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