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Friday 8 March 2013

Flu & Chelsea Girl Outfit Post

So after planning and looking forward to making a few new YouTube videos and blog posts this weekend, it seems that won't be happening. Since Wednesday I've been suffering with the flu and have barely any energy which sucks. Just the idea of even doing my hair and looking human just makes me feel exhausted! Thankfully my boyfriend has rescheduled his weekend and is coming home tonight to look after me. (I'm feeling very sorry for myself!) So in light of this hiccough I have decided to post an outfit I put together in January which I'm still loving and wearing. I hope you like it but I can only apologise for the photographs not being 100%. I've since purchased a new camera and plan to take photos for outfit posts with a more mutual background as well as close ups on accessories.

 Stud Collar Tips- eBay
Rings- H&M
Bowler Hat- eBay
Shirt- H&M
Watch- Casio
Bracelets- H&M & homemade
Burgundy tee- H&M
Coat- River Island
Bag- eBay
Leggings- Topshop
Chelsea boots- Mr Shoes
Ankle socks- Topshop 
Scarf- Primark    

I love this outfit, mainly for the accessories- the hat, the little ankle socks and the collar tips give it an edge. I am totally in love with this coat from River Island which I got in the sale. It was originally £70 and I nabbed it for £35 which I thought was pretty good going. It looks great with a fur collar too and is oversized which is great for layering. The heel on the Chelsea boots is just right that you can wear them all day. They're such a versatile piece and go with so many things!

So yar, that's my first outfit post for you which hasn't really gone to plan but hey! If you want to see the video I did which shows more details of the accessories then here it is:

Kat xxx

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