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Thursday 14 March 2013

Little Black, little black, little black Chelsea Boooots!

Whats that? A blog post everyday for the last three days? I'm on a roll! Finally starting to perk up from the lergie and had a lovely surprise in the post today which you can probably guess from this post title...Chelsea boots! Yay!

I've been hunting for the perfect pair for a while now but at the right price. I'm quite picky when it comes to Chelsea boots especially after buying a disaster pair back in December which looked nice but were incredibly cheap- I should have known! They were allegedly a size 6 yet were very tight and after one wear the tongue on the back came unstuck- horrible! That and they were faux suede, a cheap nasty pair of boots. So with that in mind I wanted to find a good pair that will last me and not be too much money- I consulted the world of eBay and found these brand new beauties!

Now these are from a brand which I can't say I've ever purchased from. Well I say that but I've had shoes from them when I was about 5 and I tend to associate this company with old lady shoes? Any guesses? They're from Clarks! Surprised? Yeah me too. I tend to associate Clarks with school shoes for children. I can remember from a young age going in and having my feet measured and getting a pair of buckled shoes! They were cool I'll have you know! But yeah apart from that I see this brand as more about practicality than trend. Anyway getting back to the point, I think these are pretty stylish, my concept of Clarks has been somewhat altered and the best thing is I know these have been well made and will last. I don't know if they still stock these but I nabbed them for a cheeky £35.00 on eBay which I thought was pretty good going. The box says they're called "Mountain Lake" and they're real leather and SO comfy- again another perk from getting proper shoes, thanks Clarks! I know Chelsea boots aren't a new trend and not overly exciting anymore but they really do go with everything and as I tend to wear a lot of dresses, they're perfect. I'll get plenty of wear out of them and they really suit my styling. Be sure that they'll feature in many outfit of the days to come! So yeah, with that I urge you all to reconsider Clarks if you were like me and had a similar outlook. You never know, you may be surprised!

They even have a design on the bottom, similar to what I had on my buckle shoes all those years ago. They haven't lost their touch ;-).


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