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Sunday 4 April 2021

How to get a good nights sleep| My Night Time Routine

Getting a good nights sleep and having a bed time routine has really helped with my self care routine of late so I thought I'd share with you in case you're struggling with sleep or want to amp up your current routine!

Take a shower or a bath

A lot of us shower in the mornings to get us awake and ready for the day but it's also a great way to unwind and relax. After having a warm bath, our body temperature tends to drop which then helps induce a good nights sleep. I find using a relaxing muscle soak bubble bath and and lavender essential oils in the bath along with some tea lights, a good book and/or some calming music all help to add to a therapeutic experience to wind down ready for bed.

Massage and moisturising

The act of moisturising and massaging my skin before bed is another way that helps me to unwind and get ready for bed, especially after my shower or bath. Chris recently bought me a lovely pamper kit which contained the Avon Planet Spa Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Body Butter and the Avon Aromatherapy Overnight Sleep Mask which are a real treat to use!

I take my time to apply them and slowly massage them in, again to aid in relaxation with both smell of French lavender and chamomile. Not only does it feel lovely to apply these, it also leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft so it's a win all round doubling up as part of my self care routine too.

Cosy Pyjamas

This one feels like a no brainer but comfy and cosy pyjamas 100% help to make you feel more relaxed. Soft material against your skin can't help but make you feel all snuggled and chilled out. I particularly like pyjamas that are teddy or polar fleece material for that extra snug feeling.


A warm drink at bed time has really helped me to get to sleep recently, especially over the colder months and my go to is Horlicks. I hadn't had it for years and I'd forgotten how comforting it is! Not only that, it's high in vitamins- 14 in fact as well as minerals too. 

I opt for the instant Horlicks that just adds water and is free from and sweeteners, preservatives and of course caffeine which is a big no no before bed. Caffeine should be stopped 4-6 hours before bed to ensure a good nights sleep so for me Horlicks is pretty perfect. I've also found that since I've started having Horlicks before bed I no longer wake up in the night with hunger pangs which has also aided my sleep.

Mood lighting

Trying to relax in a room with the main light on is just plain wrong! I've got one of the light alarm clocks (similar one here) which doubles up as mood lighting too with it's various colours and light levels. I love to have in on changing colours or a purple colour- perhaps because of the lavender I've been using? Who knows. Either way the low light followed by my warm cup of Horlicks really helps to make my bedroom a relaxing place that welcomes sleep.

Pillow mist

So once I've had the hot drink, in my cosy pjs and feeling suitably relaxed, the final thing I like to do is use a pillow mist. Again this was from the lovely pamper set Chris bought me but I adore the Avon's Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Pillow mist. The scent is the same as the body butter and sleep mask and really helps to add another layer of scent to sleep. It's instantly soothing and makes your bedding smell soothing and fresh. 

So those are a few of my little hints and tips at how I unwind. I also have some tips to note if you are struggling to sleep and do find yourself laying there.

Don't check the time!

Checking the time is the worst thing you can do. I used to do this but it would wind me up knowing I only have X amount of time left to get sleep. 

Avoid checking your phone

We all know the light on our phones stimulates us so just by looking at you'll be waking yourself up. Mindless scrolling will not help you get off to sleep!

Have you got any tips you use that work for you to aid sleep? I'd love to hear them! 

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