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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Don't Overlook The Classics When Defining Your Style

It’s not uncommon for lots of us to think that in order to be unique in our style choices, we need to do everything completely differently. People want to be noticed for being who they are and having a certain style about them.

When people want to try something new, it’s not uncommon for them (or us) to ignore everything that works and try something very new and there's nothing wrong with that. You never know it could set a trend, or it might just leave you feeling a little lost and directionless...

This second option is one I hope we can all avoid and don’t be afraid to keep hold of the classics when defining your style. If you're wondering how, here's a few little tips and tricks that I hope will help.

Classic Jeans

Classic jeans can be a tremendous aid in helping you have something that will go with every outfit, and that will be suitable for a range of weather conditions. From denim jeans that are plain or those that have subtle patterns on them, to stonewashed jeans that bring with them their own styling, or white jeans that help you look brilliant in the summer, this has been considered a staple for decades, and they’re not going anywhere soon. You just can't beat a good pair of jeans that fit you well and make you feel amazing too.

Simple Jewelry

Don’t be afraid to wear simple jewelry and don’t feel forced to reinvent the wheel every time you try to accessorize. A simple watch with a leather strap can be nice, you don’t have to spend hundreds on a beautiful stone-studded watch or one that shines like the morning sunrise in order to feel confident. Having a statement piece that defines you but is rather simple can also be a good place to start, such as wearing a simple necklace with your name on or a signature ring you feel helps represent you. Little simplicities often speak the loudest, so don’t feel as though you’re ‘going without’ if you enjoy them.

Comfortable Flat-Foot Shoes

No matter what shoes you enjoying wearing when going out or when trying to put your outfit together, don’t be afraid to reach for you flat footed shoes that are comfortable and that help you feel confident no matter where you walk. Many times we feel that unless we wear ‘the perfect shoe’  it somehow denigrates our fashion sense, but what if the perfect shoe were that we were happy to wear? As you can see, sometimes dressing for yourself is the most worthwhile thing you can do.

I love a good shoe but if it's not comfy, I won't wear it on a day to day basis! Or if I do pull out that pretty pair that aren't comfy, I'll complain all day and wish I'd gone for my flats!

Anyway, I hope this has helped to show that don't have to overlook the classics when defining your style. Classic never dates and I guarantee you'll get more wear out of it too!

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