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Sunday 8 December 2019

Convenient Christmas Shopping with Moonpig | #heartfeltwithmoonpig *Ad


Christmas shopping...It's one of those things that can start of as a joy but slowly become a stress, especially when you have people to buy for that you won't be seeing and/or they're quite hard to buy for. Am I right? Well this year I've teamed up with Moonpig to show you a perfect Christmas shopping night in. So leave the queues, the hustle and bustle and cosy on up as I talk you through how I shop from the comfort of my own home.

I've been doing my Christmas shopping solely online for the past three years. As a person who hates shopping in the crowds, I find it far more relaxing and enjoyable to search online for the perfect presents. Moonpig very kindly sent me a "Christams Shopping Night in care package" filled with everything I'd need to get my shopping done stress free. Inside I found a gorgeous personalized Christmas sack, a Christmas themed T-shirt, a scented Christmas candle, Champagne, a Christmas DVD and more! I was all set to get gifting and enjoy the process too!

First things first I popped on my Christmas tee (which I freaking love!) poured a glass of bubbly and lit my Christmas Spiced candle- one I would highly recommend from the Moonpig website; be it as a gift or for yourself. The smell of spiced warm ginger and orange zest was perfect for getting me in the festive mood!

moongpig christmas

I've bought many a card from Moonpig over the year but truth be told I didn't realize how many gifts they provide! There's not just flowers and cards oh no- there's so much more! They stock jewellery, hampers, gadgets, experience days and more which is perfect for finding a unique and thoughtful gift.

Of course I picked up a personalized card which arrived in a flash. If you order your personalized cards by 7:30pm Monday- Friday, you'll catch the next days post- perfect for anyone who's looking to do some last minute card sending!

moonpig personalised card

So aside from personalizing cards, you can also personalize gifts! I always find a personalized gift is thoughtful and that extra bit more special. It shows you're thinking of the one you're gifting for and adds an extra special touch.

moonpig christmas gifts

In my experience, a gift that always goes down well is treating someone to their favourite tipple. From gin, to craft ales, wine to fizz, there is something for everyone to toast to the festive season on Moonpig.

moonpig gifts

I opted to get my Dad and his partner a lovely bottle of Prosecco to toast with on Christmas day. Had I not been seeing them before, I'd have opted for letterbox wine which is pretty perfect for anyone you may not see before the festive period!

moonpig christmas gifts

To match a personalized bottle, why not accompany it with a glass too?  I couldn't resist this rose gold flute glass for my Nan so she can sip in style! I love a special glass when it comes to drinking a treat like champagne and it's something that your loved ones can use time and time again.

moonpig gifts

I'm also obsessed with the Moonpig personalised sacks. With trying to be more eco friendly and kinder to the planet, these natural cotton bags really are the gift that keeps on giving as they can easily be used year after year plus they're perfect for eradicating badly wrapped gifts! Being 75cm long by 50cm wide they certainly can hold lots of lovely gifts and give an extra dose of wintertime magic. I adore mine and Chris is chuffed that he now doesn't have to wrestle with the wrapping paper.

She's A Gentry Christmas Shopping

Shopping online truly takes the stress out of Christmas shopping and you can definitely make a lovely indulgent night in of it like I did! Take your time! There's nobody jostling you in queues, panic buying, grabbing the last thing off the shelf and you're not crawling out of car parks. Why make shopping more stressful than it needs to be? Gifting should be a joyous experience and I've found that feet-up Christmas shopping is definitely the way forward.

So after I was shopped out, it was only right to pop on The Grinch and celebrate with  another glass of champagne in the knowing that my shopping was done and would be dispatched in no time. (When you order your gift by 7pm Mon-Fri you get same-day dispatch!)

Moonpig Christmas shopping

I'd have loved to have shown you the rest of the gifts I bought through Moonpig as I picked up some absolute corkers! Unfortunately those they are gifted for read my blog. You know who you are!

Will you be shopping at Moonpig this year? I'd really recommend it and would love to know what you go for gift wise! Thank you to Moonpig for inviting me to be involved in their #Heartfeltwithmoonpig campaign and gifting me the items in this post.

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