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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Blickling Estate | 12 Trusts of 2020

photo of Blicking Estate National Trust

Hello and happy 2020! I've had a break from the blog over the Christmas period and now that I'm back to it, I've decided to set myself a challenge for the year- 12 Trusts of 2020.

One of the Christmas gifts to Chris and I was a years membership to the National Trust. It's not something I would ever have asked for but it's proving to be a brilliant gift that both Chris, myself and Harry the hound can enjoy all throughout 2020. So with a years membership in mind, I've set us the challenge of visiting a minimum of 12 National Trust places this year. They can be properties to coastlines, walking spots and more so stay tuned throughout the year to see where we venture to!

For January's National Trust visit, we ventured into Norfolk to visit Blickling Estate. It's somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a couple of years now and seemed like a perfect place as any to begin our challenge.

The estate has a gorgeous 1616 Jacobean house to visit, a formal garden and the wider estate too. With Harry being with us, our first port of call was the wider estate so he could stretch his legs and sniff to his hearts content!

Blickling Estate National Trust Dog Friendly

Visiting Blicking on a cold, fresh winters day was really refreshing and just as beautiful as a warm summers day. I couldn't help but think how lovely it would be to run around the wider estate. I've since learnt that Blickling holds a weekly Parkrun and has a free monthly 10k trail run! Both look amazing and I'd definitely like to return and try them out.

There's also some lovely little gems on the wider estate walk such as lovely quotes carved into benches, facts carved into wooden plaques and even a Mausoleum on the edge of the Woodland...

Blickling Estate Mausoleum

Heading back from the outer estate walk you catch glimpses of the beautiful estate house as you come out of the ancient woodland. The next stop was for Chris and I to head into the house itself whilst Harry went for a snooze in the car!

The outside of the property is simply stunning and hasn't changed much over the years. The inside however is different story, changing with each owner but I decided not to photograph that- you'll just have to visit for yourself...

I can confirm though that the 1616 property is well worth a visit and the staff inside were extremely knowledgeable on it's impressive history. 

So that was my first National Trust visit of 2020 and what a great start to the 12 trust challenge it was! I'd definitely recommend heading for a visit with family, friends and four legged companions. I also think this would be a beautiful spot to come in the summer and bring a picnic.

Where are your favourite National Trust sites and where would you recommend I go next?

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