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Friday 8 March 2019

DIY Diaries: The Master Bedroom Edit

Aloha! I'm back with another room makeover/ decor post and this time it's the master bedroom!

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

This post has been a long time coming, having finished this room in October 2018, however  I'd been toying with a few bits which I'll explain further on this post. So first, lets discuss the inspiration for this room!

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

I'd been struggling with knowing how to decorate this room to please two different tastes. I love girly style whereas Chris naturally despises it so we needed a compromise! I also wanted something that's cosy and Chris didn't want anything too fussy so we got to thinking of places we've stayed in the past and liked the aesthetic plus the wonderful world of Pinterest to draw inspiration.

A big inspiration for us was our stays at North Star Club (which you can read about here and here) as it made us feel cosy witht he fux fur soft furnishings and partly connected with nature through the rustic logs and wood of the rooms.

The Moon Suite at North Star Club

Naturally we'd have loved to had put logs at each corner of the bed for a rustic four poster bed look and cladded the walls but it just wasn't practical so instead we went with rustic wood style wallpaper and these faux silver birch branches which we pick up second hand from someone's no longer needed wedding decor and fashioned together a rustic piece to hang above the bed. The finishing touch was the wicker heart which came from our own wedding decor stock and I think it ties in beautifully.

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom
Super king Bed- Dreams
Throw- The Range
Bedding- Hyde & Sleep
Wicker heart- QD
Faux silver birch- picked up second hand
Wallpaper- Wilkos
Bedside tables- IKEA Hemnes range (but picked up second hand)
Clock- Amazon
Lamp- IKEA (similar here)
Deer Artwork- iamfy
Cow Artwork- iamfy
Frames- The Range

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

Now you probably don't recognise this room from before but it was in fact my office when we moved in (see here.)

With the addition of a new bed, we needed a space free from built in wardrobes to fit this monstrous super king bed. You might be thinking we're mad for buy a big that big but honestly we've done the double bed, the king size bed and still I was bed hogging- so much so Chris didn't sleep properly for the first five years of our marriage!So yes we lost some wardrobe space to accommodate this mahoosive bed but the bed is an ottoman, meaning we have plenty of space underneath and with a hydraulic assisted lifting mechanism, it makes lifting up the bed a breeze rather than a ball ache and we can sleep soundly too.

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

The crisp white bedding was actually thrown in with the bed when we bought it and its actually lovely quality so we just chose to finish the bed off with some cosy cushions and a throw.

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

Chest of Drawers- IKEA Hemnes range (but picked up second hand)
Lamp- The Range
TV- Old and god knows where from!
Curtains- The Range
Blind- The Range

When it came to furniture, I was actually really pleased with myself for sourcing it all second hand, saving us a hell of a lot of money and giving unwanted furniture a second life. I'd always recommend looking to see if the furniture you like can be sourced second hand or if you can find something similar as you can get a  real bargain and you're helping to upcycle rather than condemning good furniture to landfill. I had been eyeing up the IKEA Hemnes range and picked up both the bed side tables from one person and this huge chest of drawers from another for less than £150!

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

So I'd been toying with painting the chest of drawers grey but after some careful consideration I decided against it as it might look too matchy matchy plus I quite enjoy this dark cosy corner.

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

DIY rustic log cabin bedroom

Overall I am really chuffed with how this room turned out! It's definitely become one of my favourite rooms to relax in and the bed teamed with the tranquil, cosy cabin aesthetic means I've never slept better.

Would you go for this in your bedroom?

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