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Saturday 30 March 2019

Suffolk Stay: The Dairy Cottage

I've found the real life Weasleys cottage and I'm living for this!!!

Hello by the way. I had to start with that statement because isn't this just the cutest place!?

In the middle of March,Chris and I journeyed to stunning Suffolk to stay here- The Dairy Cottage in Stradbroke.

We came across this gem on Airbnb- somewhere we admittedly don't use so much but have decided we definitely will do in the future. There's some amazing properties to choose from- this being one of them.

The main big ticks for us with this place were:
1) It's doggo friendly
2) There's a pub within walking distance- in fact there were two!
3) It had a wood burner.

We don't want for much Chris and I but when we go away we love being able to take Harry with us and share in our adventures so dog friendly accommodation is a mus. The Dairy provided a cosy safe space as well as welcome treats for Harry too! For us adults there was chocolates, tea, coffee, milk and eggs from the owners very own chickens- love!

We also like to walk to the pub. Being country bumpkins that live in a remote are with no pub, we are forever taking it in turns to drive but on this occasion we had two village pubs to pick from and enjoy a drink together.

And the wood burner? Well that's just a novel luxury for s. We yearn for a wood burner at home one day but until then we make the most of them wherever we stay.

The character to The Dairy cottage is what stands out the most during your stay. Nothing is straight and perfect. Instead there's quirky turns and beams to marvel at around every corner and it's what we fell in love with about the place- especially the master bedroom!

Set up a winding staircase, this bedroom greets you with warmth, cosiness and hobbit like vibes from the low beamed ceiling.

On a whole the cottage makes you feel like you've been transported back to a simpler time where nothing like smart phones and the like really matter- nor do they fit in and that's not a bad thing! It's cosy aesthetic makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind- so much so I would fall asleep infront of the fire most evenings feeling content and cosy.

Not only does the building have character, the decor does too. It hints at travel to places like Morocco from the main light in the living area to the stunning robe hung on the door leading to the master bedroom. The decor doesn't look out of place either. It feels as though the cottage is telling its own story and cleverly Kate (the owner) has made The Dairy feel welcoming with the items rather than making you feel like you're intruding in someone else's space.

The cottage doesn't have a shower in the bathroom- something which might steer people away from booking but I can assure you its one of the many parts to your stay that will relax you immensely. My husband Chris isn't big on baths but even he remarked on how relaxing it was to have a soak rather than a shower. And with the sky light window, you can look at the stars of an evening as you soak away the day.

It was an absolute joy to stay at The Dairy cottage. Inhabiting a property with such character for a long weekend which is a bit different to your usual accommodation was a real treat and has left both Chris and I with fond memories of our time away.

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