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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Life is Golden | Slow living

The weather recently has been blooming gorgeous and it's about bloody time! I've been dreaming for weeks of skipping gaily through the fields with a straw bag and finally I got my opportunity.

As much as I admit city life looks very stylish and chic, for me, fields of bright yellow and countryside fill my heart with joy. The country life is where my heart lies- especially when the weather is so glorious. Picnics, cycling and dog walks are what it's all about and trying my best to perfect the art of slow living in this crazy paced digital world we now live in.


Cath Kidston Straw Bag

Blue strip Rochelle edit coord New Look

When's the last time you looked and actually saw what's in front of you and took in your surroundings? The birds chirping, the breeze rustling through the trees and your hair, the smells of outdoors. These are all the things I feel a lot of us can easily missed now that we're glued to our phones. Ironically for me my phone is on its way out- the battery is fried but the upshot of that is I'm actually enjoying myself so much more! I'm less addicted to social media, I feel more content and I've actually found time to sit and enjoy simple pleasures like reading a book or taking a long bath with no electronic distractions. Again this weather is another great way to get away from digital life. For me its been way too warm to sit inside on a laptop and when my phone decides to work, looking at a screen in bright sunlight? It's just not the one.

What I'm trying to say is life is golden. It's precious and it's wonderful so lets embrace the right now and the reality. I'd never have even noticed the little guy above. Lets call him Fred. Fred the lady bug is loving his life and I wouldn't have even seen him if I were glued to my pissing phone. Lets appreciate the little things instead of worrying over trivial things.

She's A Gentry

Weirdly this is another post that has just flown out of brain, through my finger tips and onto the screen. I actually just wanted to write about a pretty outfit but feeling bunged down with online life has got to me a bit today and realising whats important and sharing it with you guys has taken priority.

New Look Blue Stripe Coord
Top- New Look
Trousers- New Look
Bag- Cath Kidston (old)
Earrings- Boohoo

What do you find golden in your life? I'd love to know how you learn to enjoy the simple things and how you don't just look but also see. So much of the time we're not truly in the moment and I think it's something that needs to change! I'd also love to know your thoughts. Over and out peeps, I'm off to stride in a co-ord in a field!

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