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Wednesday 16 May 2018

A Right Royal Celebraton | The Ideal World Bloggers Box*

This is a paid for collaboration with Ideal World whom I was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with to celebrate this years Royal Wedding.

So I don’t actually know what’s happened to my Royal Wedding invitation. I can only assume it’s gone missing in the post! Fortunately, Ideal World sent me out a Bloggers Box to get royally ready for the occasion so at least I can look my very best whilst I watch the merry matrimony from the comfort of my sofa. 

Receiving this box in the post was a delight in itself, i mean- LOOK at it! It's beautifully British in colour theme with skincare and beauty products fit for a queen. And the bunting? That was supplied too! You know that will adorn my garden this weekend as nod to the royal celebrations. Fuelled with the naughty but oh so lovely chocolate inside, I set about trying out these lovely products to give you my first impressions. Having never tried any of these products, this was all very new to me and I have to say they are as luxurious as they look.

The bloggers boxed was packed full of wonderful goodies and I was particularly taken with the face masks. The products were as luxurious as the packaging; each having their own skincare goodies and pick me ups.

Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Glycolic Mask
This clay mask is a creamy consistency full of glucolic acid, aimed to exfoliate the skin whilst leaving it feeling nourished and fresh. This combination works an absolute dream with my skin type; being an oily lady that needs a good exfoliate on a regular basis but also craves some moisture! This was the perfect way to kick start the pampering before moving on to...

Elizabeth Grant Hydra-Moist C5 Antioxdant Mask
Now this stuff is gorgeous. It's like an orange souffle and smelt so good I wanted to eat it! This gem improves the look of dull skin- something I noticed almost instantly after use and a couple of days down the line my skin is still reaping the benefits; feeling baby soft in texture and much more luminous. 

The Elizabeth Grant Supreme Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask is seriously good for firming up your skin and making it appear brighter. It felt so soothing to apply after the first two masks thanks to the algae it contains and was a total treat to relax with.

I've been fake tanning now the summer is here and these three masks each pepped my skin up perfectly in preparation for some bronzing. My tan has applied so much easier and is much more long lasting too which is an added bonus. These masks have very quickly slipped into my weekly pamper routine and I am seriously impressed as is my skin.

The next treat I tried out was the Lusardi My Miracle Perfect Prime. Its formulated for use around your eyes or to be used in a thin layer all over the skin to smooth any wrinkles and lines. Admittedly, at 29 I thankfully don't have too many lines (yet) but nevertheless I couldn't help but apply it all over my skin as it feels like silk and smells incredible! It almost melts into your skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft and smooth and is the perfect base for your foundation. I will say that it isn’t a mattifying primer and for me doesn't last quite as long as other primers but it has left my skin feeling smooth and nourished for days after- something I can’t complain about! 

Onto the eye shadows! I’ll be honest, I don’t tend to wear these types of colours but regardless the Elizabeth Grant Glamsquad Weekender palette contains eight shadows, all of which are heavily pigmented with excellent pay off! Each colour works well together and you could easily create several looks from each colour combination. The midnight sparkly blue reminds me of a royal wedding and I’m sure anyone with mega makeup skills could make a seriously striking look with it! I must say I adore the pink and purple shades. They're more muted shadows but perfect for spring summer days and to give some colour to your lid.

My favourite products in the entire box had to be this Elizabeth Grant Beautiful Colours Lipstick and Lipstain in Tango- so much so that I donned the tiara from the box to apply it. Yaaaaas Queen! The blood red shade and orange undertone go fantastic with a tan and is perfect for a summer red lip. The stain is semi-permanent and literally does not budge. I wore it for over 14 hours last weekend and even then it was still immaculate. I’d eaten, drunk and been rained on whilst wearing it and it stayed put like a dream. It was a bit of a job to remove infact but I’d much rather that than have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. The consistency is very liquidy at first and a little potent in smell but after a few seconds it sets in place. The lipstick over the top brings back that lustre and shine to the lips, making them look full, beautiful and helps maintain a smooth soft surface to your lips.

The finishing touch for getting royally ready was the Connoisseurs UK Dazzle Stik diamond ring cleaner! In all honesty I was rather dubious about the ring cleaner- I mean, would it really make that much difference? Well, it turns out it actually did! My engagement ring is five years old and worn every single day without fail. I barely take it off and it has forgone some gruelling tasks with me  which have led to to some scratches and scrapes! Yet it still looked pretty least that's what I thought until I spruced it up with the cleaner. The Dazzle Stik contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents and is designed a bit like a illuminating concealer stick. You do the same action of twisting the end and then rub it over the diamond surface and the metal too. It works well with most metals including platinum which is what my ring is made from and POW it’s shiiiiny shiny!!

The special polymer in the cleaner fills in minor scratches and the metal looks lighter and brighter. My diamond has got its twinkle back and its beautiful status in time for the royal wedding! 

I had so much fun reviewing the British themed Ideal World Bloggers Box and i'm really rather impressed with the products. As I say I'm particularly taken with the lipstick and stain combination (which reflects a fair bit in my shameless selfie!) and my skin honestly feels fantastic thanks to the magical masks I received.

Ideal World are running their Right Royal Celebration event from Wednesday 16th May right through to Monday 21st May, with some Royal competitions and giving their customers £1 P&P throughout the entire event too! If you decide to try any of the products listed below I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

Are you ready for a right royal celebraton?

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