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Friday 15 July 2016

Top Tips for Poorly People

top tips for poorly people

I'm ill, again... and for any of my close and friends and family this won't come as a shock! I'm ill all the time so as a seasoned ill person I thought I'd put my knowledge to good use and give you some tips on how I find coping with/ getting over illnesses.

Embrace it

It sucks to be ill, I know this but fighting it won't help. If you're that ill that you can't get out of bed and you can't get into work, you're as well just embracing it and doing your best to relax. Grab that book you've been meaning to read for ages and just let your body rest. The worst thing you can do is kid yourself you're fine and try carry on. It'll only make you feel worse and prolong you feeling better so let yourself recover. Its not like you're being lazy, you're ill!

The Poorly Person station

At any one time I have an array of drugs and products on hand for poorly days but what I don't want to be doing when I'm ill is rummaging in cupboards or generally moving if possible. I've taken to having a tray with a selection of ointments, tablets, tissues, throat sweets, a jug of water and whatever else I need plonked right next to me with an empty carrier bag for rubbish so I really don't have to move. If you can get someone to bring you soup that's a bonus but worst case grab a flask and make it first thing before your energy plummets. Stack up on supplies like winter is coming and take them to your illness lair!

Netflix is your true friend

If you really are suffering, vegetating in bed or on the sofa is the best thing for you and to prevent boredom, Netflix will save you and keep your mind occupied. Invest in a series that will have you hooked to make the hours pass and keep you (mildly) sane. True fact: I sat and watched an entire season of American Horror Story last week whilst being ill. There's twelve one hour episodes... I casually just watched it for twelve hours but god did it pass the time and make me temporarily forget how crap I was feeling.


Someone once told me to eat what you want when you feel ill and I stick by this advice as I feel it's justified and does make you feel that little bit better. There is no point trying to stick to that ridiculous diet whilst you're under the weather and as they say "feed a cold, starve a fever". Your body needs fuel and with that you also need some treats. I think nothing of eating an entire pizza or a giant bar of chocolate when I feel rough. It tastes good and mentally makes me feel better/ cheers me up. Zero fucks given to the calorie content! Don't however neglect your veggies and that H20, your body will thank you for those and aid in your recovery. Soup is the holy grail of ill people food, in particular chicken. Legend has it that chicken soup is the elixir of life. 

Comfiness is key

It's okay to have a nana nap in the middle of the afternoon and spend an entire day in your onesie. Elasticated clothing is embraced and mismatch clashing patterned attire is the uniform of a poorly person. Only the postman will judge you for answering the door with a floppy bed head top knot and an unwashed appearance but who cares!? Allow yourself to be dishevelled and pile on those duvets and blankets until you're in some kind of comfy fort that can only be penetrated if one presents refreshments. Never say no to the refreshments.

TLC time

When you begin to feel better, there's nothing like a good soak in the bath with a face mask and a bath bomb to make you feel like a new woman. Tint your brows and shave those legs - you will feel reborn and invigorated for it plus a bit of pampering will boost your mood. I wouldn't recommend this mid illness, especially with a fever. Hot bathes and high temperatures are a biiiig no no.

I'm sure all of these tips are pretty obvious to you but please humour me, I'm ill and bored to tears. I would have loved to have posted something exciting for the end of the week but I haven't had the energy to edit properly. The struggle is real!

Anyhow if you have any top tips for poorly days please comment on this post, I'd love to know how you get on!

See you on next week when I'm hopefully less gross and feeling better!

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