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Friday 8 July 2016

Splendid Summer Drinks

Without jinxing things, it feels like summer may actually be here (at long last!) And with warmer weather, its good to sip refreshing drinks and treat ourselves to a cocktail or two.

Splendid Summer Drinks

My three summer essential drinks are the Monty Don Cocktail, Rose Bubbly and the classic that is Pimms but did you know that only one of these is alcoholic...?

Luscombe Damascene Rose Bubbly

First up on my list is Rose Bubbly and in particular this one from Luscombe. Made on a farm in deep Devon, the flavour of this is incredible, it just screams rose. It's an organic drink and also non-alcoholic but I can assure you that you won't feel like you're missing out whilst you sup on this. It's beautifully refreshing and a really elegant flavour, making it a perfect alternative to champagne or prosecco.

Monty Don Cocktail

Next up I have the "Monty Don" cocktail. This is again is non-alcoholic but just as luxurious as an alcoholic cocktail I can assure you, being the perfect summer refresher. Think juicy strawberry coulis swirled into Qcumber water (dubbed the most fun you can have with a cucumber—with bubbles); a swipe of torn mint leaves, and a sprinkle of Wormersley Strawberry and Mint vinegar for zing.

So, if you're tempted by this delightful drink the recipe is as follows:

The Monty Don 
·         50ml Strawberry Coulis 
·         1 tsp of Womersley Strawberry & mint vinegar 
·         25ml sugar syrup 
·         6 large mint leaves 
·         100ml of Qcumber mint water 

I couldn't find strawberry coulis so I opted for forest fruits which has strawberry in and was a great alternative!

The Monty Don Cocktail

When you make this cocktail, gently jostle your mint leaves in a glass then drizzle the strawberry coulis, vinegar and sugar syrup over crushed ice. Stir, serve and relax!

Pimms cocktail

And finally we have the last but least non-alcoholic drink of them all - Pimms. For me, this is the summer in a cup and  I love to make up for friends and family coming for a BBQ. This amazing drinks dispenser from Tesco is perfect for serving and is plastic which is great for clumsy me!

Pimms Cocktail

I love to add strawberries (British of course), cucumber, fresh mint, apple and orange to my recipe with one part Pimms to two parts lemonade. Grab a cute straw and it's good to serve!

Splendid Summer DrinksHave you tried any of these drinks? I guarantee they'll give you summer vibes and are the perfect accompaniment to the sunshine.


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