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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Easy DIY Dog Bed Tutorial

Well hello everybody and happy Tuesday. I have another DIY post for you today which I'm really excited to share with you, especially as Harry is modelling for me today (he's such a poser this one) on his lovely dog bed I made!

This DIY dog bed is really easy to make and takes very little time too! It's perfect for any crafty beginners and I'm sure your pooch will thank you for it too!

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Material- I used a patterned piece for the top and plain for the underneath but you can have it patterned all over if you like!
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread to match your material of choice

Have you noticed the material I'm using has dog print on it? From afar it's not too noticeable- a perfect print for any pooch!

Step 1

Measure your material. The top piece needs to be 100 cm by 76 cm and the bottom piece needs to be 114 cm by 76 cm. The bottom piece is longer to allow an overlap of material for the opening of the pillow. (If it doesn't make sense right now, don't worry it will- trust me!)

Step 2

Hem both ends of your bottom piece of material. These ends are going to be the opening of your dog bed.

Step 3

Fold your bottom piece of material in half, then cut along the fold.

Step 4

Lay out your top material on a flat surface. Place your bottom material over the top material, with the ends meeting and allowing an overlap of material in the middle to create an envelop effect. (This is will be your opening for the dog bed stuffing.) Ensure that the hemmed edges are in the centre and that all your material is facing inside out before sewing.

Step 5

Pin all the way around your material, pinning the edges of the envelop overlap on your bottom material also.

Step 6

Sew all the way around your material in a colour thread that best suites your material.

Step 7

Turn your dog bed cover the right way out and then stuff it to make a comfy bed! I used an old single bed duvet cover, which surprisingly wasn't too big! It fits really well, making a very cushioned and fluffed up doggy bed!

And you're finished!

laydey katabella dog bed

make your own dog bed

easy home made dog bed

homemade dog bed

I hope you guys like this DIY as much as I do. It's so simple and quick to do! I ended up making two covers so I can have one on and one washed. Harry LOVES his bed so much which I'm really pleased about and I like that the material fits in well with our decor as opposed to some of the garish mass produced dog beds.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and if you want to see more on how to make this I've also done a video tutorail below:

Have you done any DIYs for your pets?


  1. Ok so I'm in love with Harry, best to get that out of the way early on.
    And this looks really great (although the print on the material messed with my mind, like an optical illusion I just couldn't see the dogs for ages! It's definitely me not the material) we need a new bed soon as I might just have been inspired to DIY.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you! Harry is a little sweetie :-). I didn't see the pattern for a while either haha but I quite like that it's not too obvious. Let me know if you decide to make one, I'd love to see it :-) xx

  2. If I had a dog I'd like to think I would make her beds and cute things all day long - being "craftily challenged" I doubt it would happen though! Your pup is adorable!


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