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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Wedding Edition: My Rustic Wedding DIYs and first Wedding VLOG!

I can reveal some more wedding stuff now that I am MARRIED!!!!!!!! Our big day was Saturday and I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. Christopher makes me so happy and I am s lucky to be spending the rest of my life with him. Now onto the post!

Whilst in the UK at the beginning of June, I went about finishing off the remainder of the wedding decor. I didn't do DIY tutorials on these bits as I thought they were pretty self explanatory or didn't require much DIYing. I've left this post until now to show you as I didn't want to spoil too many surprises of the wedding for our guests. I hope you enjoy!

The Table Plan

I'm a bit in love with the table plan I created. I wanted to incorporate something rustic into it and after browsing the wonder that is Pinterest, I came across this idea and adapted it to suit our wedding. The crate is actually borrowed from a real farm local to the area which to me gives it an extra special touch. The miniature pegs I picked up at The Range and I picked the photo frame up at a charity shop. I cut card to fit the box with the table numbers I needed and the guests names were added to the table cards a few days before when the table plan had been finalised. As with all my wedding stationary I added the lace effect paper doilies to the card and used the same font as before and twine.  I really love the way this turned out!

Keeping with the rustic theme we have incorporated corn into a lot of our wedding decor, one of those being this old suitcase which I picked up in the charity shop for next to nothing, along with the photo frame. The jug is from QD and the bunting I made from card and twine! 

How cute is this type writer? Like seriously!? I found this in my Grandad's shed where he hauded lots of stuff but in this instance it was pretty handy! Granted it doesn't actually work but it's a great prop and we typed the rhyme out in type font on word. We think the retro theme really lnds itself to the wedding also and basically just had to have it as a prop- LOOK AT IT!! 

The cards suitcase is again another inspiration from Pinterest. I picked the suitcase up at a boot sale fr #5, total bargain and the woman whom I bought it off insisted I take the lace material for free when she realised it as for a wedding. How sweet is that!? Again I made the bunting and hot glued it into the case. It is the perfect place for guests to place cards, gifts etc and be carried away in the case after the wedding. I love old fashioned suitcases, again I think they look perfect in a rustic wedding setting and think this is such a cute display.

And finally these last two items are linked and an idea we thought up all by ourselves. A Rayment original! We bought a Fujifilm instax camera and film for people to snap their picture and stick into our self adhesive photo album which is actually our guest book. Then write us a note and stick in and voila there;s our guest book sorted. The  camera and film we picked up on eBay, the self adhesive photo album is from Paperchase and the props are from the pound shop. A cheaper alternative to a photo booth and more fun than a bunch of disposable cameras which we'll probably never get developed... Oh and the label on the guest book I of course made and stuck on, again following our stationary theme! 

And below we have our wonderful Snap & Chat chalk board which alerts people to our guest book and tells the how to use it in a fun and quirky way. My mum's partner very kindly made the sign and I designed it. Chris can take the credit for the idea, he's actually pretty creative when he puts his mind to things!

So that is some of the bits we made and created for the wedding but if you want to see more, check out my wedding vlog below! 


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