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Friday 11 July 2014

Flying home to the UK and our big day!

Hello you lovely lot!

UK passport, keys and WESC headphones

Tomorrow Chris and I are flying back to the UK for our wedding! Yippee!! I'm so bloody excited! All of our hard work and preparation will finally be revealed and we'll be spending the best day of our lives with all the people we love. We're also going to the Secret Garden Party which quite frankly is the best festival ever and it'll be my sixth year running attending this four day party.

So with this all in mind I thought I'd let you know that I have planned uploads and posts heading your way so don't panic if you thought I'd be going off the radar. Keep an eye out for our first wedding vlog which is due to go up Tuesday 22nd July. There'll be a couple more of these and I'm hoping they'll give brides to be ideas and for anyone that's generally interested in our wedding you can see all the prep we did.

So that's it from me until Tuesday! Hope you all have a fab weekend.

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