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Sunday 27 July 2014

How I spend my weekends: The Little Lunch

So I'm actually in the UK right now, partying my heart out at Secret Garden Party! However I couldn't leave you high and dry so I've been saving this post until now. How considerate of me? Haha!

balcony lunch cyprus

sandwiches, tomatoes and fake rose in vase

Cath Kidston Beaker

Cath Kidston plate, knife and fork

English sandwiches on Emma Bridgewater tray

We have a little balcony at the front of our house which we never used...until now! It's a lovely little shady spot, perfect for when the heat gets a bit too much for us so I decided to do a little lunch up there for Chris and I. He works outside all day so when he comes home he likes to retreat into shady spots, making this the perfect area for him. He's also been missing home recently hence the little sandwiches (of course some contained cucumber!) and my little Cath Kidston plates and beakers which are actually from my picnic hamper but I thought they'd look cute and quintessentially English. I also used my Emma Bridgewater tray to serve the sandwiches as I love it and Chris thought it was a pointless buy when I got it- how wrong was he!? It was a modest lunch but in this heat you don't really fancy much more! 

tomatoes in olive oil and basil

balcony lunch cyprus

We then gots a thinking about how to utilise this space. We have a hammock which someone gave us and had a thought to try rig it up here and thankfully it worked! It is so peaceful laying in the cool shade in the hammock, even Harry likes it!

Man in a hammock and springer spaniel dog

Man in a hammock and springer spaniel dog

Since I took these shots we have added to the balcony with home made candle holders, a home made chalk board and even a little futon cushion/mattress so we can both sit up there. It really is our little escape! It's even perfect of  night time with a glass of wine and some music. Bliss.

DIY chalk board and DIY candle holders

How are you spending these lovely summer nights?

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  1. Such an adorable little post!
    Those sandwiches looked amazing and the idea of laying about on a hammock with a cool breeze flowing past on a hot summers day sounds so delightful! I hope you get tonnes of use out of your little space!

    Megan xo


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