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Friday 12 April 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hey guys,

Thank god spring is finally here yay! A few weeks ago the lovely Eimear from Labels & Lipsticks nominated me for the Liebster Award! I was dead chuffed ^_^. I've finally got around to doing it after being away so here we have it.

The rules of the Liebster Award are:
1. Share 11 things about yourself. 2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you.
3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have less than 200 Google Friend Connect Followers and be told via comment on their blog.
4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated.
5. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.


1- When I was younger I used to call hair bands "pritties"
2- I am a complete neat freak and hygiene freak, anything out of place or dirty upsets me massively!
3- I eat left handed but do everything else i.e write right handed
4- I wish I could fly!
5- I hate marmite and sweet and sour sauce
6- My favourite tipple is a glass of Rosé
7- I did a bungee jump from 160ft last year.
8- I have swam with dolphins and sharks
9- I'm petrified of spiders, they make me scream and dance bizarrely!
10- I want to learn to surf before I die
11- I much prefer to wear dresses than any other garments


1. Who is your style icon?
Hmm... I'd say it's a cross between the Olsen twins (they're so gorgeous!) or Sarah Jessica Parker, mainly from the sex and the city days.
2. What is your favourite part of your make-up routine?
I really like doing my eyebrows? I don't feel complete without them now! Love full brows as opposed to tadpoles some people shape theirs to!
3. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Sensations Thai sweet chilli- they're so mor ish!
4. How do you imagine your life to be in 20 years?
Well in twent years I'll be 44... So I'd like to think I'll have gotten married, with se children, a nice house in the country and doing well in my career! Oh and a little doggy ^_^
5. If you had to live on another planet, which one would you choose? Hmm... Saturn? Just because it looks cool lol
6. What advice would you give to your teenage self?
I'd tell myself to be more outgoing and not to care so much what other people think of you.
7. Do you wear socks in bed, or does it drive you crazy?
If I'm absolutely freezing I do but on a whole it drives me mad!
8. What is your biggest pet peeve? People biting or picking their nails! Gross!!
9. Do you have any insecurities, if so what are they?
I used to be very paranoid of my teeth as they weren't straight but thankfully they're being fixed with my braces!
10. Name something beauty related you're terrible at.
Applying false eyelashes! I get glue everywhere and it just ends up in a gloppy mess all over my eyelids and then my mascara runs and if I actually manage to get them on, they start to hang off and end up lolling in front of my eyeballs by the end of the night. Attractive!
11. What is your favourite high street shop?
Topshop- it's my Mecca!


I've decided to nominate all my lovely google+ followers! Please let me know if any of y'all do it ^_^


1. What's your favourite cosmetic brand?
2. How would you describe your style?
3. On a Saturday night would you rather go out partying in town dressed up to the nines or go to a casual house party?
4. Where's your favourite place in the world?
5. If you could only choose one makeup product to use for the day, what would it be?
6. What's your go to piece in your wardrobe?
7. What's the last white lie you told?
8. What was your favourite childhood programme?
9. Is there any artists/bands you're currently addicted to?
10. If you were a superhero what powers would you have?
11. Have you met any celebrities?

Hope this amused y'all!


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