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Friday 26 April 2013

Uni Outfit of the Day

Hello strangers. It's been a while for me, AWOL for two weeks! Tut tut... I do apologise but I've been bogged down with revision, coursework and sending out my C.V. Im currently employed as a student and my contract is up at the end of August along with my degree so I'll be qualified and jobless as it were :-(. So yeah I've been frantically putting my C.V together and writing letters to potential employers about how wonderful I am! But with that in mind I need to finish my course which has gone oh so wonderfully to plan today as I've missed my bloody train to uni! Argh! I had a while until the next train so thought I'd film a super quick OOTD and a blogpost which I'm editing on the train as we speak!Hope you enjoy ^_^.

Jacket- River Island 
Jeggings- Topshop
Tee- H&M
Bracelets- Homemade & H&M
Trainers- Converse hi-tops (bought from ASOS) 

Todays outfit is about comfort, some spring warmth and some lighter spring colours. I recently picked up this jacket from River Island and think it's a great updated piece for Spring with the colours pairing with most things plus it makes a change from a denim jacket. I love the boucle texture. I'm loving my Topshop acid wash jeggings too as they pair nicelywith pastel colours and just generally give more of a spring summery feel to an outfit. And as for the minute it's sunny and the next it's raning so Converse are my footwear of choice which are also comfy as hell for a long day of uni, trapsing up and down the eight flights of stairs to my classroom! It's quite a simple look but I think it speaks for itself and I'm currently in love with it.


Check out my accompanying video for this look below:

I hope you're all well! Can you also enlighten me as to how I find other peoples blogs on here? I'm not sure how, simple Kat ^_^. I'm hoping to post a bit more regularly next week so until then...


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