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Sunday 31 May 2020

The Perfect Running Headphones: AfterShokz

I've been running for just over a year now and the one thing I love to have whilst doing so is music. Through my running journey I've used your regular headphones plugging into my phone, progressing onto in ear wireless Bluetooth headphones, to over the head wireless headphones. All had been good but had their drawbacks that I thought I'd have to live with until I discovered AfterShokz. My brilliant husband bought me a pair for Christmas and since then I haven't looked back!

The first thing to note with these headphones is they're bone conducting, meaning that they sit on your facial bones and vibrate the sound into your inner ear rather than sitting in your ear. This makes them a) super comfortable and b) brilliant for keeping you safe and aware of your surroundings. For me these are perfect for road running so I can be aware of traffic but still listen to my favourite tunes as I'm pounding the pavement. They do take a little bit of getting used to, (I found them a bit ticklish to begin with!) but now I wouldn't use anything else. The sound is really crisp and as good as (infact better) that in ear headphones. They also have easy to use buttons to adjust your volume on compared to other wireless headphones I've used where you'd go to change the volume but instead skip your track (which Sod's law always happens during the best bit of the song!?)

I have the AIR AfterShokz and as the name suggests, they're incredibly light weighing just 30g and not only that they're really durable and flexible so you don't have to handle them too delicately. I literally can't feel them on my head despite me bobbing around and that makes them super comfortable, plus they have a lovely snug fit that works doesn't interfere with sunglasses, hats or hair dos. Gone are the days of cables hanging down and me catching them with my arms too- these are the dream.

If you're prone to sweating a lot or you like to run in the rain, you also don't need to worry. AfterShokz are sweat proof and water resistant. I used to worry when wearing my over ear headphones that they'd pack up on a rainy run and my in ear headphones would slip out of my ears as soon as there was a hint of moisture nearby!

The final thing to note is their longevity. The AIR headphones have 6 hour battery life if used continuously for you to listen to music or take calls which is perfect- particularly for marathons and other long distance runs. I used them for my marathon and they were perfect. Also to note that having worn them for over 5 hours on my marathon, they didn't rub or irritate in any way.

I literally cannot fault these headphones. They have exceeded my expectations and I can't see me ever using another pair of headphones again!

What do you run with?

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