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Tuesday 5 May 2020

DIY Rustic Eucalyptus Wedding Invites

I'm back with another wedding DIY! If you're a long term reader you may be thinking hang're already married and this is true but when your best friend asks you to make her wedding invitations I couldn't resist. So with her permission I'm showing you how to make these rustic eucalyptus wedding invites!

Like my own wedding invites, these are super simple to make but look very effective. It was also great fun to use wax and a stamper!
To make these rustic eucalyptus wedding invites you will need:

Step 1: Design your invites, RSVP cards and additional information cards! I googled "watercolour eucalyptus" and "watercolour greenery" and used some images I found to create the greenery around my invites, RSVP card, additional information card and envelope inserts. I used Word to create the invitations, setting the paper size to A5 for the invitations and measured the A7 cards to input the sizes for the RSVPs and information cards. For my envelope inserts, I designed them on A4 paper. I downloaded the fonts "England" and "Goudy Old Style" to create the wording on the invitations.

Step 2:Print out your invitations, envelope inserts, RSVP cards and information cards.

Step 3:Next divide your A4 vellum length ways into 4 strips and cut across. Place a vellum strip across the length of your invitation. Fold the edges across the back and secure with PVA glue.

Step 4: Once dried, cut a length of twine and wrap it round your card twice. Secure and tie in a bow.

Step 5: Cut a small amount of wax off your wax stick and place into your wax melter. Hold over the tea light until the wax has fully melted.

Step 6: Pour the wax over the centre of the twine bow into a small dome. After a few seconds, press your wax stamp into the wax firmly.

Step 7: Next measure and cut your envelope inserts to fit the length of your envelope then measure and cut the paper to fit inside the envelope flap, leaving space for the edge to be sealed. Glue into position.

Repeat the above steps until you have the sufficient wedding stationary you need and voila!

Like I say these are very simple to make but the effect is really pretty for any upcoming wedding.

Will you be making these for your wedding? For a step by step video tutorial, click the video below:

I'd also like to say thank you to Emma for asking me to make her wedding invitations and for allowing me to share them with you. Thank you chummy!

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