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Sunday 11 February 2018

February Feels: Weight loss, happiness and life lately

photo of Shes A Gentry

I feel like I'm the only person who was sad to see the back of January this year. I turned over a new leaf this year rather than making resolutions and vowed to slow down and look after myself. So far I can confidently say it's working and god do I feel better for it.

2017 was rather a turbulent year. Exciting but turbulent. I started the year knowing a house move was inbound and finally after waiting Chris and I moved into our first owned home. Exciting as it was, I found myself feeling very stressed and then nothing really calmed down after that. We were booked up left right and centre to do things which as amazing and great as they were, were also tiring and by December I was paying for it. Over a stone heavier, exhausted and also skint- something had to change. Come January 1st I was raring to go and full of enthusiasm. I cracked open the green tea, said goodbye to junk food and wiped my diary clear.

A lot of people I find hate their own company and spending time pottering around the house. I however thrive on these blissful times and since having a clear diary and having the time to relish being at home, I realised how little I've been able to do this over the past year and just how much I enjoy this time. Having some time out from being here there and everywhere means I can get shit done. I've had time to plan, organise and reevaluate things in my life. My house has never been so organised nor have my thoughts. Stuff gets done and its not stressful, rushed or hastily decided. I haven't been a complete hermit and have seen and done a few things over the past few weeks but when I have, I've fully appreciated those times and the people I'm spending it with. We live in a world of fast paced, social media, stimulating stuff and I think we all can be guilty of not switching off. When you finally allow yourself to do this it's like a switch has been flicked and you finally feel like you again. I can't really describe it but I feel like I've found myself again.

As for the weight loss, I've so far lost a stone in a month and I am unashamedly proud of myself. With last year being on the go so much, I was eating things for convenience and anything that was quick and because I was so exhausted the idea of actually cooking and preparing meals made me feel even more tired. Since clearing my diary and having more time at home, I've had more time to cook proper food and use those recipe books that for so long have sat at the back of the cupboard longing to be used. I also signed up to Weight Watchers again- something I hadn't used for a few years. I tried Slimming World back in April last year and did get results but for me they weren't sustainable and Weight Watchers works much better for me personally as I can still eat the things I like and have found a balance. By loosing some weight I've gained back my confidence and self loathing in the mirror has disappeared. I'm still a fair way off where I want to be but I know that I'm making steps to get to where I want to be that are achievable and work with my lifestyle. Clothes in my wardrobe are fitting much more comfortably or actually just fitting for the first time in ages which makes me feel so much happier.

So this all leads onto happiness... It's a funny thing happiness. Everything I've mentioned above isn't rocket science and is really quite straight forward but actually taking the time to slow down and assess my own needs has helped me enormously to achieve what I want for 2018 and be happier in the process. Looking after myself means that I feel better in my own skin and can be a better friend, family member, wife, blogger, colleague etc and give more to the people around me I love.

I Spy Graphic Day Dress- Tobi
Jeans (old)- New Look
Boots- New Look
Feather Necklace- Fiona Jones Jewellery
Leather bracelet- H&M

Anyway this has turned into a rather rant blog post! I never normally write this style of post but the words have literally just poured out of me onto the screen and I'm literally just typing my thoughts and feelings. It's almost verging on verbal diarrhoea! With that in mind, I'll leave it there and bid you goodbye but if you enjoy this type of post please let me know!

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