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Monday 20 November 2017

DIY Upcycled Bar Cart

DIY Drinks Trolley

D'you ever do a DIY and think yeah I'm really bloody proud of that? Well that's how I feel about this project. It was shockingly easy to transform but my my has it made an impact.

I'd been eyeing up drinks carts like these two for quite some time, but with them costing between £100-£350, you'd have to be trolleyed to pay that surely? It's effectively just a metal cart- meals on wheels even so I set about finding a thrifty and cheaper alternative...
Five pounds later, I became the proud owner of a tea trolley, courtesy of an old lady I found selling hers on Facebook market place.

Apart from a bit of grim and a few cobwebs, this tea trolley was in pretty good nick but the floral design on the trays had to go...

I chose to spray paint my trolley, being quicker and more uniform than painting it on with a brush and this Rust-oleum craft enamel was my weapon of choice. It's fast drying acrylic paint which is perfect if you're as impatient as me at letting things dry. In less than an hour it's dry and is hard wearing as well as toy safe.

DIY Drinks Trolley

A spray paint later, I felt like the hostess with the mostess with my transformed trolley. A lick of paint had given it a new lease of life and was ready to be accessorised with all the drinking paraphernalia that Chris and I own.

DIY Copper drinks trolley

DIY bar cart

I picked up the cocktail kit from eBay for around £15 which ties in perfectly with the copper theme and added some battery powered cork lights into some empty Haig Club bottles to brighten up the corner of the room. The glass punch bowl was given to me by my thrifty mothership who found it in a charity shop for around a fiver so all in all (minus the booze), this DIY totalled around £25.

Copper bar cart

DIY Drinks Trolley

I'm super chuffed with how well this DIY came out and how cheap it was too. I better brush up on my cocktail making skills in time for Christmas and New Year as I can see us having a fair few drinkies! I'm also planning on doing a post on the dining room before and after at some stage so stay tuned for that.

upcycled drinks trolley

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it and if you want to see me in full spray paint action you can see more in the video below!

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