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Friday 27 February 2015

Jamie Oliver’s and Dog Walks

I haven’t done a lifestyle post in god knows how long so when Chris decided we were going to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant “Jamie’s Italian” I felt it would be criminal not to blog about it! 

photo of italian nachos in jamie's italian

photo of olives in jamie's italian

photo of prosecco in jamie's italian

jamie's italian cambridge

jamie's italian cambridge

jamie's italian cambridge

jamie's italian cambridge

jamie's italian cambridge

photo of laydey katabella in jamie's italian cambridge

Jamie’s Italian happens to be one of my favourite restaurants, if not my favourite restaurant. One of the main reasons why I love it is that there’s no pretentiousness with the food or the service. The food is always spot on and the service is just right- not too much not too little. The particular one we go to is in Cambridge, housed in a grand building that once was a library. The architecture in itself is really beautiful and has been given a new lease of life through the restaurant.

Anyway the food- delicious. There is so much choice but I always go for a pasta dish. I feel it’s wrong not to have pasta at an Italian eatery. We always grab a cheeky starter to share too. Here we went for the olives (which were huge!) and “Italian Nachos” which were ravioli with cheese and other deliciousness. I love the presentation too. It’s so inviting with picky bits that make the whole experience fun and sociable.  Our mains were to die for too. Just look at them!

Like I say I’m a big fan of this place and have been many a time, so many times in fact that I’m part of the “Gold Club” which entitles you to express booking and some goodies from time to time. On this occasion we were treated to complimentary prosecco and this gorgeous citrus sorbet which was beautifully refreshing to finish with.

photo of springer spaniel pointer cross

walking springer spaniel

long haired pointer

After that delicious lunch we headed into the countryside with the hound for a well needed walk. I much prefer English walks with Harry and I think he does too. Cyprus got so hot and sticky, poor Harry would pant like mad! We went to a local country park with fields and a woodland area, a buffet of smells for Harry’s nose! As you can probably tell the selfie stick came with us and we had a bit LOT of fun playing around with that! The perfect way to round off the weekend.

What are your favourite restaurants and places to go?

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