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Friday 28 November 2014

Female Joker Make-up and Costume

why so serious?

Last weekend I went to a fancy dress party themed: Heroes and Villains and decided to go as none other than The Joker!

heath ledger the joker make-up

the joker fancy dress

the joker make-up tutorial

I decided to go for the Heath Ledger Joker and put a female twist on it too.


It was pretty easy to achieve the iconic joker make-up and I used:
The syn wax did a pretty good job of creating the Chelsea smile (although it's really sticky), which I applied by rolling into sausages and blending in with the spatula before powdering over afterwards. For the base I used the white and scrunched my face up whilst applying it to give a worn in look and some expression lines like Heath Ledger's joker had. For the eyes I applied the black water based face paint and smudged it out with a mix of the brush and the cotton buds, concentrating the intensity on the eyelids and smudging out towards the eyebrows and cheeks. The Chelsea grin was finished off with creme red face paint on the lips, spread/smudged around the edges of the wax and the bruise red colours being used in the cracks of the smile to give more depth and a gruesome appearance. This was all topped off by messily curling my hair, tucking it up into a faux bob and spraying green!

the joker fancy dress costume

the dark night rises joker costume
Shirt- H&M (old)
Skirt- eBay
Bow tie- eBay
Jacket- eBay (originally M&S)

The costume

I wanted to put a female twist on the original joker costume so opted for a skirt instead of trousers. Although the outfit is less in keeping with the Heath Ledger version of the joker I still think it captured the character and looked effective!

how to do the joker makeup

why so serious?

batman and the joker fancy dress

And of course Batman made an appearance!

If you want to see how I applied the make-up and more of my outfit click the video below:

Would you try this fancy dress costume? And ask yourself this....

Why So Serious?

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