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Tuesday 19 August 2014

The Summer TAG

The Summer Tag

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged by the lovely Lucy from "From Lucy With Love" to do the "Summer Tag." Hope you enjoy!

What is your favourite thing about summer?Being outdoors! I love being outside, having BBQs and Pimms with good friends and family or taking the dog for walks (soon to be in the countryside when we move back). You just can't beat it.

Do you have a favourite summer drink?In case you've not guessed it from the first question it has to be hands down Pimms. It's so delicious with chopped up strawberries, cucumber, mint and apple and to me it's summer in a glass. Yum!

Is there a location that you prefer to go in the summer?I my favourite place to go is a little village near Cambridge called Granchester and there they have a place called The Orchard which fro the title is and orchard with a tea room and deck chairs all around. It's so beautiful and such a hidden gem. Behind it are meadows too with a river. It truly is a blissful place to go on a summers day!

Favourite makeup look for summer?For me I like bronzed but minimal make-up look for summer. Anything too heavy just looks a bit much and with the heat can go a bit melty!

Dresses or skirts?I live in dresses all year round pretty much so that's an easy one for me- dresses every time. They're just so easy to wear and throw, especially sun dresses which I live in religiously in Cyprus!

Sandals or ballet pumps?This is all dependant on the weather really as British summers can be a bit hit and miss! I prefer sandals, particularly my Vivienne Westwood sandals as I always get compliments on how cool they look (see here)

Hair up or down in summer?
I much prefer my how down in any scenario but in summer I like to go with a side parting and braid the front of my hair so it's off my face a little. I hate feeling hot and sticky with hair plastered to my face- that's never pretty!

Smokey eyes or bold lips?

Smokey eyes every time for me. I don't have the confidence to pull off a bold lip plus it's more high maintenance than a smokey eye which can look better when it's worn in for more of a grugey hippy style!

Favourite perfume for summer?
I'm currently loving the body shop Eau de toilette Honeymania  as it's got a really rich floral scent with honey accents and is the perfect scent for summer. (I will never be good at this perfume describing malarky but I'm trying!)

Favourite summer music?

It all depends on my mood really and what I'm doing but for a chilled evening in the garden and a glass of wine in hand it'd be some Zero 7. Their music is perfect for chiling to, that or the Musical Hot Water Bottle podcast by Annie Mac, that's a god send. But if I'm going out with friends or something it'll be whatever summery tunes are in the charts generally. Ooh or LEN "Steal My Sunshine" :-D

I'm so chuffed to have been tagged to do this, so thanks again Lucy from 
"From Lucy With Love" you're a doll ^_^. I now tag the lovely Megan from "Room With a Bloom" you're it!

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