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Tuesday 14 January 2014

My full natural Eyebrow Routine

Hello wonderful people! I thought I'd do an eyebrow routine post as they're one of the things I enjoy doing weirdly...

So as you can see from above I haver petty sparse, fair eyebrows or as I like to call them- see through buggers. I don't pluck them, or if I do it's literally just the random one or two that sit a little lower down than the rest of the brow. I'm really quite funny about plucking them as I don't have much to work with and every hair is precious! Besides, tadpole eyebrows and over plucked eyebrows make me cringe. Yuck!

To try combat the fact that my brows are so fair and pathetic I use the Eyelure Dybrow kit in brown. It can also be used on eyelashes which is great for summer holidays etc. It's really simple to use and takes roughly five minutes to do. The results usually last 4-6 weeks, leaving my brows looking darker whilst giving the illusion of thickness. For more info on how I apply the dybrow, check out my YouTube video.

I then like to use an eyebrow pencil. My go-to pencil is the Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph pencil and highlighter as the shading is perfect for my colouring. It's not too brown or too dark and with it being quite a chubby pencil I find I don't press too hard. It's a bit more costly compared to other brow pencils, coming in at £8 in Boots but it's worth the price as it lasts foreverrrrrr. I should probably order another one as this ones almost dead!!

As you can see the pencil makes on hell of a difference. I actually appear to have full brows! The fact that I don't really pluck them gives them a more natural appearance in my opinion and adds to the fullness. What d'you think?

So that's my brow routine! Nothing too difficult or pressing but for me it's so satisfying. Is that weird? I just love having done eyebrows! And to think I didn't really bother a few years ago with the shape or anything. SHOCKING. 

What products would you recommend for eyebrow upkeep?

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Video on how I apply Dybrow and my brow pencil.


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