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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Super Simple DIY Floral Crown

Thought I'd do a proper craft post today! As you can tell I've made a floral crown! They seem to be very big this summer and perfect for festivals and other summer events! This is literally so so easy to do and I personally really enjoyed making my own. All the items except the purple flowers are from eBay and very cheap too. The purple flowers are off of an old Primark flower head piece (which quite frankly was shit).

So you will need:

A wire headband

Household kitchen scissors

Artificial foam roses with wire stalks

Extra flowers/ accessories if desired.

Step 1: begin by cutting the excess of the wire stalks away, leaving roughly 10cm- 15cm of stem left

Step 2: start wrapping the flowers around the headband. Start from one side, holding the flower head,  wrap the stalk around the headband in a curling motion. Adjust the flower if necessary to face outwardly from the headband. Continue this all the way along the length of the headband.

Step 3: add in any additional flowers and/or accessories in the same way as the roses. Slide the roses along and adjust where necessary. I used wire flowers again and would advise to use wired accessories.

And voila you have a floral crown fit for many summer occasions! It's really that simple and yet they make such a statement. I can't wait to wear mine at festivals in a couple of weeks!

I hope this was helpful, tweet me your photos of your home made floral crowns if you have a go! 

To see me making the crown for real check out my video on YouTube:


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