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Friday 21 June 2013

Ascot & Make your own fascinator!

Happy Friday people! Today's post is inspired by Ladies' Day at Ascot which I attended yesterday! Unfortunately I've come down with a horrendous stomach bug so I felt rough as a dog the entire day and didn't feel up to doing an outfit post -_- .... However the atmosphere was fantastic and it was wonderful to see people's beautiful outfits! 

I chose to wear this Karen Millen butterfly dress which I've had for a long long time but I still think it looks elegant and beautiful.

The butterfly detailing is just so gorgeous and a few weeks before I managed to pick up the matching bag on eBay! It's surprisingly roomy too for an evening/ occasion bag.

I then looked for a butterfly fascinator to match my dress and shoes but the ones I found and liked were between £50-£70! As beautiful as the were I didn't think they were worth the money, plus I was pretty confident I could make my own (being into crafts and all) so I went about buying all the bits I need from eBay.

To make this fascinator you will need:

A straw fascinator base

Some black veiling

Hat feathers

And some feather wire butterflies!

I purchased all these items for roughly £7.50 so a major saving considering what I could have spent! Unfortunately I didn't think at the time to take photos of my fascinator as I put it all together (silly Kat!) but I was pretty simple.

• First off I got the veiling and gathered it how I liked in the middle to make a bow-like shape and tied in the centre with some thread before sewing it onto the straw base. 

• Next I arranged the feathers into place around the veiling before poking the ends through the base and stapling on the bottom of the base and super gluing around the top of the base to secure in place.

• I then poked the wire of the butterflies through the base and roughly arranged them before cutting off the excess and stapling them into place on the bottom of the base.

• I then sewed two clips onto the bottom of the base which secured it to my hair and voila!

It was very simple to make and also pretty cheap! I've had lots of compliments on it too and it went so well with my outfit on the day. 

So there we have it. I'd definitely recommend making your own if you're feeling crafty and it's pretty cool to have your own custom made original fascinator! 

I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions please post below ^_^.


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