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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Sigma cleaning glove alternative | Make-up brush cleaning saviour!

Now I don't know about you, but I find cleaning my makeup brushes to be somewhat of a chore. It's time consuming, boring and just a general pain in the bum. I aim to wash my brushes once a week, sometimes it's left to two if I'm super busy (gross I know) but any longer and it'd upset me!

I'd heard people talking about the Sigma cleaning glove and thought what a brilliant idea until I came across the price tag... Ranging between £30-£35!? Sod that. So I did some hunting for a cheaper alternative and came across this baby on eBay for £2 with free p&p!! Bargain or what!?

It's a silicone oven glove which looks very similar to the Sigma cleaning glove and although it doesn't have specific areas to clean specific brushes, the texture does the job and cleans my brushes beautifully. It takes a lot less time and helps the soap to froth up lovely. You can also have the water really hot as the oven glove is designed for high temperatures (obviously!) It saves my poor hand from having brushes mashed into it and having water on them for long periods of time. I have sensitive skin so more often than not my hands are very dry after cleaning my brushes.

So this is my top tip if you're looking for a cheap alternative to the Sigma mitt and want a quick way to clean your brushes! Hope this was helpful and if anyone has any tips on how they clean their brushes, let me know :-).


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