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Sunday 12 May 2013

Nail art lovin'

So recently I've really been getting into nail art. It's definitely grown in popularity over recent times and I love to see people's creative designs on Instagram!

The only problem for me however is a) I have a job which requires me to have short clean and polish free nails b) trying to do nail art left handed for me is a nightmare- it looks like children have attacked my nails and fingers!! So I've come up with an ingenious method which makes my life a whole lot easier and yet stylish when I'm away from work! In the wonderful world of eBay I purchased 500 plain false nails for something daft like £3? Not only does wearing false nails help with doing the designs with a steady hand, I can pop them on whenever I like as I paint them in advance :-). The only slight set back is the glue marks my natural nails slightly but I use a nail file to remove any excess and cuticle oil to recondition my nails and keep them healthy. 

The nails I purchased are super long which is handy as I can cut them to whatever length I want but can be annoying as clipping and filing them is a bit time consuming and boring. I use a marker to mark roughly the length I want them before filing them down.

From painting these a few times I've found that sticking the nails onto cocktail sticks with blue tack is the best way to paint them so you can get to the whole nail without fingers smudging! It also makes it easier to pick them up :-). 

I then paint on whatever design I fancy/ feel I can muster! I don't have an extensive set of tools. A couple of models own nail art pens and nail art tool from Avon with a brush on one end and a dotting tool on the other. I highly recommend giving it a go, I've had lots of compliments on my nails and my girlfriends want me to do a nail art evening! I love having unique nails from everyone else and matching them to my outfit like I did on Friday! :-)

And I do my tootsies too ^_^. Anyway I hope you've all had a great weekend! Link me to your nail art if you do yours and check my Instagram (Laydey_Katabella) for my next designs :-) 


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