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Monday 3 August 2020

My Tanning Routine for Lazy Girls

Having a bronzed body glow gives me confidence and makes me feel good in my skin. I've had a few people recently comment on how tanned I look and asked how I achieve it so I thought I'd do a blog post! 

My tanning routine is pretty basic to be honest but it works for me. I naturally have a bit of colour but tan just peps me up a bit and gives me that bronzed glow. I use the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived in shade Medium to Dark which is a lotion consistency and super easy to apply. It gradually tans your skin so it's not a harsh tan and develops nicely. 

With it being a lotion it's light on your skin and dries quickly so I can put clothes on almost straight away. I used to apply just before bed but my husband hates the smell and the tan residue on the sheets- understandable. So instead I apply during the day now and shower off before bed. It doesn't smell of tan when you first put it on, its more of a spa smell but as it develops, the biscuits come to the surface haha.

I use a tanning mitt to apply my tan all over, including my face, putting two layers on to get the desired colour I want. Being a lazy and low maintenance tanner, I tend to only apply once or twice a week and with being a gradual tan it tends to fade gradually too so you don't get the tell tale signs of old tan. I find using a tanning mitt has been the best way for application as hands will inevitably be left with orange tinted palms no matter how hard you scrub and it applies it evenly too. I've even perfected the tanning my back dance, turning the mitt onto the back of my hand to reach the top of my back. To ensure my hands, feet and ankles aren't over tanned, I use the leftover remnants of tan left on the mitt and gently apply around the edges of my fingers, a quick swip over my ankles and again my feet so they don't go orange! With tanning my face I apply a small amount and ensure it's blended out gradually into my hair line. 

To also counteract the possibility of tell tale old tan by exfoliating with this Body Shop Hemp Body Mitt. It works really well to scrub off the last of my remaining tan and leaves your skin feeling super smooth and polished.

In between tanning I don't do any other maintenance with my tan body wise. The Dove Dermaspa is moisturising in itself and I find my skin doesn't tend to need any other moisturising. As for my face, the tan does tend to fade faster so I will use some instant tan with some moisturiser to top it up or if I'm wearing makeup, my foundation with bronzer soon matches up to my body.

And that is basically it! There really isn't much to it and it seems almost too simple to be writing a post on it but like I say, plenty of people have asked me how I do it so there you have it. It's super simple and non taxing if like me you're a lazy tanner.

What do you use to get your glow?

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