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Monday 11 February 2019

Winter Hygge Hobbies

The weather has been suitably miserable since 2019 has started. If it’s not snow and ice it’s torrential rain and wind which RUINS all chances of taking outfit pictures (!!)

So instead I thought I’d embrace being indoors, wearing pyjamas all damn day and my hygge hobbies! If you don’t know what Hygge is, here is a definition, courtesy of the internet:

"a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being"

Card Making

At the end of last year I was way behind with being organised for people’s birthdays and frantically ordering cards from well known pig and pigeon sites...So this year I decided to compile a list of card occasions and set to work using old card I had laying around my office. I was surprised at just how much card making bits I had! It’s also been incredibly therapeutic to get back into some gluing and sticking, colouring and drawing to create cards for friends and loved ones that are much more personal than a stock bought. And yes if you’re wondering, that is a pickle on the card I’m making in the photo.. It’s an in-joke between Chris and I and he loved that card so the joy of making it was well worth it! I’ve made a Valentines card and now I’m working on Mother’s Day and other birthday cards to have ready and waiting for upcoming occasions.


If you’ve ever read one of my first blog posts, this blanket may look familiar... Seven years on I’ve decided this WILL be the year I finally finish it!! Knitting is the perfect winter hobby. Being surrounded by cosy yarn and the gentle click clacking of needles is music to my ears and I find it helps me unwind. If you’re someone who struggles to relax and sit still, knitting is for you. It’ll keep you away from your pesky phone but occupies your hands perfectly! I’ve found I’m so much more engaged in watching films, tv series and the like. Plus as relaxing as it is, I feel productive doing it so instead of scrolling, try knit one purl one!


For some of you reading this it may seem like such a simple and obvious choice but for those of us who reserve books for sunshine and sunbeds once or twice a year, you’ll understand! I find getting into reading quite a challenge but once I do I get totally hooked on a book and can’t put it down. Tucked under blankets with a hot chocolate and a good book is utter bliss and something I think many of us take for granted! I’ve been re-reading The Life Changing Magic of not giving a Sh*T by Sarah McKnight which leaves me snorting and giggling aloud- much to my husbands bewilderment but I’d love some recommendations for what to read next if anyone has any! It’s also made me think how much I’d like to go to a library this year. Libraries are FREE and a brilliant service yet it’s so under utilised!


I’ve written a whole post on my favourite winter podcasts which you can read here but I’ve been very much enjoying a cosy listen whilst knitting or card making as opposed to listening to music. There are so many brilliant ones out there and in some instances it’s like listening to friends’ chatter which is comforting on evenings when the husband is on night shift or I’m sick of watching tv.

I think overall these hobbies are an easy way to bring joy to your free time without blowing the bank and actually just enjoying being at home and cosy. Like the definition of Hygge states, they leave me with a feeling of contentment and well-being which is what a lot of us need this time of year. I think it’s also important to take time out from busy schedules and relish some relaxing me-time!

So that’s all I had to say on winter hobbies really! I’m hoping to do some actually craft posts later on in the year but I’m yet to find a craft that is exciting enough/blog post worthy enough to write about! In the meantime, what are your winter and/or hygge hobbies?

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