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Thursday 14 September 2017

She Had Power Over Men | Style

Photo of She's A Gentry

Who knew my garage would be ideal as an outfit back drop? Oh yeah, that's right- Laura from Loved by Laura pointed this out to me the morning after many a prosecco at my humble abode. It's amazing what you can have right under your nose and not even see it.

How to style a Zara tunic dress

I've been wanting to take outfit photos by myself for some time but plucking up the courage has taken me a little longer than I anticipated. As handy as Chris is at being an Instagram husband, sometimes he's just not in the mood to snap away and I feel a pain asking friends to take them- that and I can pull dodgy faces in shots when I don't feel 100% comfortable... #kimkuglycryface

Photo of a Zara embroidered grey dress

This dress is from the SS17 Zara collection but it's actually perfect for the milder autumn weather with a pair of boots and a floppy hat. I adore the embroidery and the bell sleeves!

How to style a Zara tunic dress

Dress- Zara
Bag- Radley
Hat- eBay
Boots- eBay
Bracelet- Thomas Sabo

Photo of Zara grey tunic dress

Now, in all honesty, taking photos on my drive didn't go exactly perfect. I did have a few on lookers blatantly staring at me so I resorted to staring back and holding their gaze... That seemed to do nada but as soon as I started waving enthusiastically they soon walked/drove off! But if that's the worst thing that is going to happen- I think I'll be okay!

How to style a Zara tunic dress

In the meantime I'm so chuffed that I've got my blogging mojo back. Its been tough over the last few months as I've crammed every possible social occasion into my calendar but now I'm slowing down a bit and enjoying life in the slow lane; giving me time to get back into my hobby and passion.

I hop you're all well and I'll be back soon.

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