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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Laydey Katabella & Wild Frost Café's #InstaPrettyParty

Just over a week ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to host my own blogging event know as #InstaPrettyParty.

Laydey Katabella
Photo c/o Loved by Laura
I got the inspiration from attending Louise from B.Loved #InstaPrettyParty at The Handmade Fair in 2015 so decided to use her idea but do my own take on it. 

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

The purpose of the session was to teach fellow bloggers how to take Instagram-worthy shots and swap tips and ideas.

Wild Frost Cafe

If you follow me on Instagram, you may well know that I have a slight huge obsession with Wild Frost Café in Ramsey and I’m forever posting snaps of the food and flowers, (I’ve even done a post on it too), so for me this was the perfect place to hold an Instagram inspired event. It’s also blooming gorgeous and has so many pretty photogenic areas, it makes for the perfect blogger meeting point!

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

I ordered some beautiful blooms from Louise for us to photograph – some arranged and some loose for use in flat lays and made up a little tips pack for everyone to give them some pointers on ways to help them (which I had far too much fun making.)

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

I also ordered this gorgeous Victoria sponge cake for photographing and of course for eating! I can tell you now that it tasted just as good as it looked if not better! 

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

I had six lovely bloggers come to the event – some I knew and some I hadn’t met before. I must admit I was rather nervous about speaking to a group as public speaking isn’t my strong point but the girls were lovely and the atmosphere was laid back and fun which is what I was aiming for. It was also lovely to meet Georgina, Alice and Amy for the first time and see Pippa, Sophie and Laura again.

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty
Photo c/o Clashing Time
So I guess you’re wondering what sort of tips I shared right? If you’re like me and you don’t have beautiful wood floors throughout your home, my top tip is to get your mitts on some wallpaper samples from a local DIY shop. Not only are the samples free, they’re easy to store and can be rolled away when not in use and they make for a really great background. Everyone particularly likes this mauve/ grey wood effect one which complimented the bouquets perfectly.

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

I also gave tips on styling and lighting. Natural light works best and less is more when it comes to composition. I brought along some props for everyone to style too. Things like buttons, ribbons and pretty papers are great for adding interest to an image and another tip I suggest is to print pretty quotes you like from places such as Pinterest to use in your images.

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

The two hour event flew by with flat lays being snapped, cake being eaten and coffees slurped and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves which I’m so pleased about.

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

Laydey Katabella and Wild Frost Cafe  #InstaPrettyParty

I really want to do some more #InstaPrettyParties and further events now and think I have the bug for it! I’ve got lots of ideas whizzing round so keep your eyes peeled for more in the future. Thank you to everybody that attended and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I also vlogged the event which you can check out below:

Have you been to an Instagram party?


  1. Really enjoyed your event!!!
    We should definitely make these mini meet ups happen more often!! Thank you for all the tips on the day... Have used alot of them since xx

    1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. I'm definitely up for more mini meet ups. Last nights event was great too. Thank you for arranging it! Had the best time :-) xxx


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