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Friday 15 January 2016

#petlovers - The story of our rescue pets

Have I ever told you all the story of how I came to get Harry and Zara?

Eurotunnel’s #PETLOVERS

Eurotunnel’s #PETLOVERS

This is probably my favourite story about the two of them and it all starts in sunny Cyprus...

Chris and I moved to Cyprus in September 2013, being posted there with Chris' job. When we arrived we were told that there were a lot of stray cats an dogs on the island and being the pet lovers we are, we knew we'd like to adopt some pets of our own.

What we didn't bargain on however was just how fast we would get our first one and that was Zara.

Eurotunnel’s #PETLOVERS

Just two weeks after arriving on the island we'd popped to the local shopping mall and on our way out came across a tiny, grey, scruffy thing. Now I'd never been much of a cat lover up until this point, having had allergies to them in the past, but Zara's meow was so sad and she was so helpless I couldn't just leave her right? She was so small and in a busy car park she could have easily been run over.

Without even thinking about it, I scooped her up and took her back to base. 

Zara when she first came home
She was so skinny when we brought her home and was clearly very tired and hungry so we fed her and she soon had a little snooze on my chest as pictured above!

Eurotunnel’s #PETLOVERS

Zara settled in so quickly, we couldn't imagine her not being part of our home and has since become a much loved part of our family.

A few weeks later we came across this little guy...

The photo above is the day we adopted Harry. Previously known as Divo, Harry had been found in a warehouse. Chained up with no food or water, a lovely lady rescued him and took him to the local pound. Unfortunately Harry was still not quite out of the woods at this point... With the pounds being full, the next option was unthinkable in my mind but was due to happen. Harry was going to be put down!

On the day he was due to be put down, a wonderful lady known as Nadia came in to foster a dog and luckily for Harry she chose him. Soon after that we got wind that he needed a home and instantly fell in love with him.

Eurotunnel’s #PETLOVERS

He was so skinny when we got him home and very nervous too but we soon fed him up to a healthy weight and built his confidence too. He'll always be a sensitive soul but has a heart of gold.
As our stay in Cyprus came to a close, we flew back to the UK and of course flew Harry and Zara with us too! 

Both pets love the cooler climate of the UK and have settled in brilliantly. It's been over a year since bringing them here and we're so pleased they like it here.

This year we're hoping to take Harry on some little breaks and seeing as he has his own passport from travelling to the UK, we thought he might like to visit somewhere via the Euro Tunnel. We love including him in our adventures but Zara isn't quite so keen... (funny that, being a cat!)

And did you know that Euro Tunnel are holding a competition? You could win a luxury three night stay for two at Château De Saint Paterne in Normandy. It's of course pet friendly too! The trip also includes a free Eurotunnel short break return ticket valid for up to five calendar days for the winner, their pet and one vehicle, a £300 post office travel money card aaaand a year’s supply of pet food, from Arden Grange, especially chosen for your pet.  All you need to do is share your pet story on your blog, but hurry the closing date is 25th January!

So that's my rescue story of the pets. I hope you enjoyed it and if you enter the competition be sure to link me to your post as I'd love to read your story too!

See you Tuesday!

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