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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Running Race 4 Life - Tips from a marathon runner #high5wave

In 12 days time the 5k and 10k Race for Life event will be happening in Cambridge. Hundreds of women will be donning pink and running to help raise much needed funds to fight cancer. It's set to be a fantastic event with sponsors such as Scottish Power supporting the event with their High 5 Wave, turning 60,000 high fives into £35,000 for Cancer Research.

As the race itself is split into a 5k event and a 10k I decided to interview London Marathon 2015 runner Roger Holmes to get some tips and advice on running. If however you won't be running but want to donate, check out the end of this post for a fun photo way to get involved!

Roger has always been a keen runner, doing Cambridge and Peterborough Parkruns on a regular basis but had always wanted to run the London Marathon and follow in his mum's footsteps. His mum Gillian is also a keen runner and has completed numerous marathons over the years. I think it runs in the family, (ho ho ho I'm so very not funny.)

How did you start off your running training? Did you have a set goal per day or week?

I was doing a 5k park run every Saturday which helped. On top of that I'd try to fit in other runs as well as entering 10ks, half marathons and I even did a 20 mile race.

What mistakes can newbie runners make?

They start off on a run at a faster pace than they are used to. Also running a longer distance than they are used to too.

Why did you choose to run the London Marathon?

I'd always wanted to do it and my mum has done it several times so I wanted to follow in her footsteps so to speak!

How did you motivate yourself to push yourself?

I was doing it for charity so I didn't want to let down all my sponsors and the charity. I also wanted to complete it to say I've done it!

A lot of runners have that dreaded moment of hitting "the wall." How did you overcome that?

I just had to push on and not let everyone down that had backed me! I also wanted that medal so badly!

What inspires you as a runner?

Seeing how fast I can do a certain distance in and then seeing if I can beat it the next time. Also just getting miles on my feet and racking them up!

What advice can you give to the Race For Life runners?

Just enjoy it! Don't start off too fast at the start and pace yourself. Don't drink loads of water before the race, sip just enough. If you start feeling tired, just think of the people that have supported you and that you can't let them down.

Thank you Roger for some fantastic tips and advice on the running front. It's always good to seek advice from experienced runners.

Now, as I said earlier to you about donating via photos, you can help Scottish Power reach their high five target by adding a photo or video5 to the High 5 Wave, by liking their Facebook page, sharing a video or image, nominating a friend to high five or by getting involved with activities at their High 5 Wave marquee at the Cancer Research UK Race for Life event attended by Scottish Power in Cambridge on 19th July.

Or if you're feeling really awesome, you can run and be part of the High 5 Wave!

Are you running Race for life?

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