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Monday 16 June 2014

Summer Primark Haul

Oooooh a Primark haul, yay!

Hello hello hello. I do apologise for the lack of sync between this blog post and my youtube video however the internet at my Mum's house in the UK is SHOCKING. It magically took 16 hours to upload the video and then couldn't cope with me uploading pictures to this blog post. Weak!

I am really loving the variety in Primark this summer and also the prices! I got a lot for my money and they're all pefect pieces for the super hot weather in Cyprus. Thought I'd try displaying the clothes in a different way in this blog post but it was windy so not sure I'll bother doing this next time! Ill just model them..

I picked up these two dresses at just £5 each! An absolute steal and so versatile too. They're great to chuck on over a bikini for beach days or pop a ice pair of sandals on and a cardi or denim jacket for a more put together style. I love the prints, they're cheerful and the material is super light weight- great for hot weather.

This maxi is a little £10 beauty. I actually travelled home in this as its cotton jersey and so comfy as well as being suited for cooler days in the UK and a light weight cover up for hot days in Cyprus. The tie dye pattern and colours give it a bit of a grungy feel and looks great with statement chunky jewellery. Again this can be paired down with a simple pair of espadrilles or converse and a cardi (as I wore it to the airport) or dressed up with some pretty sandals and jewellery. This was actually in the beach section of Primark so I'm thinking its meant mainly for beach wear but hey!

I flipping love this thing! Again in the beach wear section at £15 however I see myself wearing this in more of a festival setting with my high waisted Levi shorts and wellies, maybe even the typical festival floral crown too. I love the fringing and have some boots with fringing which will go perfectly. It'd even look fab with a simple black skater dress just and add some style to it. I bloody love it!!

Sports wear? In Primark? Oh yes, that's right and guess what? It's so comfy! The bottoms were £7 and fit like a dream, much more comfy than some of my branded sorts wear and that great sweat absorbing (eew) material which means you won't overheat so much. I'm not sure if the top is a crop top or a sorts bra but Ill be wearing it as the latter to keep me in place when I'm exercising. NO ONE needs to see boobage out of control and at £3 you can't go wrong!

I am loving these shorts as they're silky and light weight and £5! The cut and the fit mean they appear more as a skirt/ culottes, ye know those old school brownies uniform things? Those bad boys. But anyway seeing as they're shorts they'l be great for windy days and still look ultra feminine. I love the pattern too. The top is pretty self explanatory. £3 or £4 and is a simple graphic vest to wear with many summer things.

Lastly onto jewellery. I'm loving the cooler tones of silver this year. All of these bits work well together and even the eye shadow palette too! I must adimt I got these as a hen do gift for winning a game on my hen do (whoop!) so I cant tell you the prices but either way they're pretty and lovely and yes.

So thats my summer haul! What have you been loving from Primark recently? I'm certain I'll do some outfit posts with these lovely bits in the coming weeks. Don't forget to check out the video below!



  1. love all of the things you got! GREAT blog xx

  2. I'm in love with the kimono, such pretty colours!xx

    1. me too! I'm doing a styling post with it next week ^_^ xx


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