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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Furry Friend TAG

So today I thought I'd officially introduce you to my pets by doing the furry friends tag. I don't usually like TAG videos, posts etc but I watched the lovely Stephanie from Stephanie Dreams video on her YouTube channel Stephanie Dreams Blog and felt oh so inspired! I'm going to be a super cool pet lady now I know.. Aaand I've kind of done it on both my animals because I'm just OH so cool!

1. What is your pets names?

Our dog is called Harry and our cat is called Zara (after the shop)

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?

Harry is a springer spaniel crossed with a pointer, at least that' what we think! And Zara isn't any particular breed so we'll call her a Cypriot special ;-)

3. How long have you had your pets? 

We've had Zara 8 months and Harry 7!

4. How did you get your pet? 

Well we movd to Cyprus in September 2013 and knew there are a lot of stray animals here, although we didn't realise just how many. We were coming out of our local mall and Zara was i the car park and came meowing up to me. She was scrawny, scruffy, very hungry and just looked so helpless I scooped her up and took her home. We'd only been living here a maximum of two weeks when we got her and I didn't even like cats but I fell in love with her! We brought her home, fed her up and took care of her and now shes a lovely healthy girl. We called her Zara after the shop as there was a Zara shop at the mall we found her at, so obviously she was shopping...

The day we brought Zara home!

Harry was another sad story. He was a stray taken to a pound and was due to be put down. There was nothing wrong with him but the pounds get so full and inundated with strays they put them too sleep. I's so awful! Thankfully the day he was due to be put down a local lady who fosters dogs came in to see if there were any dogs she could foster and she chose Harry! She advertised him on a local Facebook page and again we fell in love. I have always always wanted a springer spaniel and it was fate I swear. Yes he's not a full springer but he's such a lovely boy!

5. How old are your pets? 

Well as they're both strays we don't know for definite but the vet gauged their ages and Harry is now about 18 months old and Zara is coming up to a year.

6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality? 

Harry never barks, he's such a quiet little hound and loves a tummy tickle as most dogs do. He weirdly doesn't cock his leg when he pees!? But maybe he's still in puppy mode, who knows!

Zara is a weirdo haha. She loves to sit and paw my fluffy dressing gown. I swear its like crack for cats or something, she looks SO happy when she does it!

7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

My animals mean the world to me. It sounds really sad but they've been such great company whilst settling into living in a different place and also when Chris is away. I also feel so privileged to know we rescued them from potentially terrible fates and given them a loving home to be happy in. 

8. What are some of your favourite past times with your pets? 

With Harry I love rubbing his belly and sharing a bag of cheese puffs with him (a treat from time to time) and going on log walks in the sunshine and paddling in the sea!

With Zara I love cuddles, watching SATC (oh yeah) and taking naps together.

9. What nicknames do you call your pet? 

We have more names for Harry which are: Hazza, Harold, Dunstable, Chocolate hound, Chocolate Dragon, Barry, Harry bon Barry

Zara: Kitty, Z, Zar Zar

Zara has been featured on Cats of Instagram- yes I am THAT cool haha!

Well I hope you liked this TAG post, I couldn't not do it quite frankly. I love my animals so much, they are now part of our little family and I would never be without them. If you do this tag please link me in the comments below and check out my Instagram account for more pet photos :-)

I've also ode a YouTube video:


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