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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Weekly Weigh In

Hey everyone, it's that time again! I would have done a post last week but the internet died a death until Monday. It was a tragic time..

Anyway I'll update you with last weeks weight loss- I stayed the same weight. To be honest I wasn't surprised as the week before I had family staying so was a little bit cheeky with what I ate. I generally stuck to eating healthy but may have had a few extras on top and slightly oversized portions in restaurants. I didn't go totally mad though hence why I didn't gain weight so I'm happy with that! Onto this week...

I am shocked but also thrilled to announce that I lost a whacking 4.8 lb this week!!!! I had to step on the scales many many times to believe it, even turning the scales on and off and moving them to different areas of the bathroom just to check I wasn't dreaming but no, it's true!

I was expecting to loose 1-2 lbs a week on my dieting journey as this is a healthy loss so was almost concerned at my loss this week but I can put it down to two things:

  • New Job
  • Jazzercise
I have started my new job (whoop), working in a very busy environment and being on my feet 4 to 5 hours at a time. It can be quite tiring but makes the shift go quickly. For the past few months I've been used to getting up leisurely and pottering around the house, (a right little lady of leisure) so I think my body has had a slight shock to the system with early starts and go go go for the enitre work shift!

Jazzercise.. I bloody love this class. Like, so much! The instructor has changed up the routines again this month which happens every month but this time I fee like I'm really working my butt off. I've upped my weights, only to 2 . 3 g but it really makes a difference and the exercises we're doing I can really feel working muscles I didn't even know existed! This is definitely a major weight loss culprit this week and I love it! Cant even explain, just.. gah! Amazing :-)

Now onto my weekly top tip for weight loss, this week being a foodie thing!


If like me you're not a morning fan and the thought of breakfast first thing makes you want to hurl- have no fear! Smoothies are here! These are my go-to breakfast choice as I usually don't get hungry until mid-morning which is when I will now eat breakfast. Smoothies are seriously filling and keep me going for hours, sometimes even til lunchtime! They're also a great way of getting some of your five a day into your system first thing. I tend to choose two different types of fruit to use which leaves me three more fruit and veg portions to tackle throughout the rest of the day. 

My favourite combination at the moment is bananas and peaches. I use tinned peaches (draining off the juice) which are great to use as they won't perish like fresh fruit. I also make my own Greek yoghurt (I'm so cool) which is low in fat and helps to mush everything together in the blender. I've invested in a smoothie maker but have used a hand blender in the past which is perfectly adequate and less bulky if you don't fancy a smoothie maker.

The great thing with smoothies is you can mix up your flavours! When it's strawberry season I can't beat strawberry and banana flavour. I'm also a fan of blueberries, kiwis and guavas in smoothies. Anything that'll blend and tastes good- chuck it in!

So that's my weigh in and weight loss tip for the week. Let me know your tips and tricks!


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