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Monday 23 December 2013

The Belated Birthday Blog Post

Hello festive beauties! Two days ago it was my 25th birthday. I want intending on doing a blog post but I got some beautiful goodies that I couldn't not share with you guys! I really was spoilt by my friends and family!

Sewing box- Cath Kidston
Laptop sleeve- Cath Kidston
Amazon voucher
Just Dance 2014
Sims 3
Camera- Panasonic Lumix DMC G3
Perfumes- Calvin Klein Eternity & Ralph Lauren Romace
Body shop- seaweed cleanser, toner & moisturiser & camomile eye makeup remover.

Incase you're not aware, I'm a huge huge Cath Kidston fan so recieving these bits was amaaaazing! I really want to start crafting with a needle and thread and this sewing box is perfect! The oilcloth material ensures it'll last for a lifetime, not to mention the pattern being timeless and classic. It's got lots of space to house plenty of bits so watch this space for sewing related posts! The laptop sleeve is also a gem, again the oilcloth material makes it sturdy and perfect for housing my laptop whilst being stylish and oh so pretty!! I love how well made cath kidston products are and always so beautiful.

I recueved two perfumes this year- one a firm favourite and one a fragrance I've never tried. The Ralph Lauren romance is a huge favourite of mine, having a beautiful scent and has real longevity. I've done a blog post dedicated to this perfume so check that out for more info! The bottle I recueved is huuuuge and guaranteed to last me a long time! The Calvin Klein eternity scent is something I wouldn't pick myself as I tend to go for romantic scent perfumes however I'm really loving this one. It's a fresh scent that smells quite green with notes of citrus in it. I find it really refreshing and awakening to wear and really loving it! The scent is also very long lasting. Perhaps I should open my eyes to other scents like this in the future.

I also opened some firm favourite beauty products- the body shop seaweed cleanser, toner and moisturiser and the camomile eye makeup remover. I swear by these products for oily skin. Again I have done an in depth blog post on these if you'd like to check those out.

Now onto my absolute baby- the panasonic lumix g3 camera. I have been longing for a decent camera for such a long time!! These iphone photos don't do it justice I can assure you. It's a thing of beauty! I love the flip screen which will be excellent for my you tubing and selfies for my blog so expect some better quality photos from now on! I've taken some of these photos with it today and just love it. It makes photographing that much easier and great quality. I still need to have a play around and figure out the settings but from what I've taken so far I am so so happy with it! ^_^

I also recueved this amazing bicycle. I've not had a new bicycle since I was 12? And to say I've outgrown it is an understatement. I love the look of this bike, it's chunky wheels and modern white frame- much nicer than a pink bike to define it as a girls bike. I've been loving bike rides in the sun- one of the huge perks of living in Cyprus! I can't say too much about this bike as I'm no expert but I loooove it!

Below are a few snaps of what I got up to on the day. Drinking cider in the sun was so cool. I've never been in a warm place for my birthday and it's usually freezing on my birthday (it's the shortest day of the year too) so sitting outside in a tshirt was pretty awesome. I then went to an amazing restaurant called Oshi in Limassol. It's a real experience as the tables are interactive and you order everything from touching the icons in the table! If you ever get the chance to go I would highly recommend it. It's Asian cuisine and tastes just amazing!

So that was my birthday! So close to Christmas so now I'm super excited for that! Probably my last post before Xmas now so have a great one guys!


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